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Caligo Mundi is a freeform and live action role playing club based in Melbourne, Australia.
We currently run a number of ongoing games in a variety of settings, including:
7th Sea - Dramatic, magical 17th Century Europe,
and Colony: Antares - A futuristic game of pioneers in an Alien world.

The Game Calendar contains information on Sessions being run, including date, time and venue.
Stay tuned for more announcements about a board games and social evenings on the Facebook group.

Camp Caligo - Registration Now Open

Camp Caligo is our annual weekend of gaming, featuring 3 games and all meals included at the Mt Evelyn Recreational Camp.
This year it's on over the weekend of April 7th-9th and registration is open now!

Click here to register

Latest News

  • Single Session Game being run 24th March at the Scout Hall in Brunswick
  • Camp Payments Due This Friday 24th March!

Contacting Us

To contact us or to find out more information:


If you are participating in any Caligo Mundi games, please feel free to create a User account for this site. This will allow you to edit the site and add pages. We encourage you to contribute.

  • Become a member by signing up using our Membership Form (A wiki account is required). Attending Caligo events requires Membership.
  • See what's new on our Recent Changes page.
  • Add your Character backgrounds.

Running a Game

Caligo is interested in hearing from people who have ideas for running games, be they one off or longer term games.

  • Details on how to have a game run for Caligo can can be found here.
  • You can use the Idea Box to draft ideas and rules.
  • There is a Facebook group dedicated to discussing ideas.