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This Game Is No Longer Running


This section details a short run game of 4 seasons in the world of Theah with seafaring pirates, explorers and traders all trying to achieve goals, acquire power and generally do good deeds.
The sessions will occur on different locations across Theah. The first session will be in Shanty Town on the former prison island, La Bucca, home port of The Brotherhood of the Coast.

All players will make a Character using a simplified rule system. Once you have a character concept the creation process should only take about 10-15 minutes. There will be a character creation session on Thursday 19th September to create characters and happy to discuss concepts. It is essential to note that all PCs will be heroes but that does not insure that they will all get along.
All Players will be asked to choose one of five predetermined factions to be a part of (see below). Each faction will have goals and reasons for being involved in the unfolding drama as they sail the Seas of Theah.

Introduction to Thèah
This is a quick introduction to the World of Thèah, the setting for the Seventh Sea game. In essence, Thèah is quite similar to 17th century Europe, with different names, magic and more swashbuckling and drama. Thèah is a land that is slightly more dramatic than the real world. Swordsmen and women are a little more dashing, villains are more driven and tragic, and people find themselves in distress a little more often. In addition the severe gender bias that existed in history is significantly less in the world of 7th Sea. Many women hold positions of power and influence in many lands (with the exception of Vodacce). The magic of Theah is carried in the bloodline of the nobility but while it is a part of this world it is not always accepted or welcome. It is also a place where religion is still very much a significant part of peoples lives.

The year that this game is set is 1680 (roughly 12 years after the initial setting documents) and the history has been influenced by some previous games that have been run that have contained world changing events. The timeline of important events can be found here.

The sea is a cruel mistress;
She takes her due
And only the foolhardy would claim to be safe from her deadly embrace
Yet the rewards can be great with riches and wealth,
there are battles won and nations defeated

A life at sea is not for everyone.

All Players will be asked to choose one of five factions to be a part of and everyone is asked to place their name under a faction

  • The Explorers Society - Brave men and women from all over Theah who go off in search of new locations, treasure and knowledge
  • The Sea Dogs - The Avalonian Merchant Navy under the leadership of Jeremiah Berek the luckiest man alive
  • Vesten Raiders - The Vesten Raiders are seemingly lead by a woman who inspires like no one else, Yngvild Olafssdottir
  • The Brotherhood of the Coast - Once a rag tag group of former convicts who were seen as nothing more than pirates, they operate out of a free port call La Bucca and the leader is the mysterious Allende
  • The Vodacce Merchant Fleet - Traders, merchants or Pirates? Who knows, it seems to change with the winds and the weather

All PCs will come from one of the nations of Theah and the Character creation will be done with a custom designed lite system that Caligo has used before. Details of the character creation used can be found here.
The game system will use a standard set of playing cards and the details of the systems can be found here

Nations of Theah
Information about the Nations of Theah for people to choose where their PC will be from:
Avalon (England)
Castille (Spain)
Eisen (Germany)
Montaigne (France)
Ussura (Russia)
Vesten (Norse) or Vendle (Dutch)
Vodacce (Italian)
And a map of Theah

Religion is also important in the world of 7th Sea with the worship of Theus and the acknowledgement of his prophets and there teachings being very important. Though there are many who question the validity as this the dawn of the age of science and reason. Overall there are four main religious groups plus a few who follow different paths:
The Vaticine (Catholic)
The Objectionists (Protestant)
The Church of Avalon (Church of England)
The Ussuran Orthodox (Russian Orthodox)
The Old Ways (Vesten)

NOTE: The system described and used here is a modified version of the 7th Sea game produced by AEG (recognised as copyright and IP owners). This system is intended as a quick and easy replacement from the full table top system for GMs running live action 7th Sea. It is a work in progress but if anyone wishes to use it they are more than welcome. If there are ideas about modification or improvements and suggestions please contact Caligo Mundi board.