7th Sea: A Great Star Falls

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7th Sea: A Great Star Falls is a chronicle of 11 sessions set in Théah, a land of seafaring pirates, explorers, magicians, nobles, knights, and traders. In this player-versus-environment chronicle, you will play heroes who risk all to save the world from darkness and chaos, travelling across the nations of Théah on your quest!

This chronicle is set in the year 1668. The first session begins in the Vaticine City, and players will journey to multiple locations across Théah over the course of the game.
7th Sea: A Great Star Falls is an entirely new game that does not connect to any previous 7th Sea games run by Caligo Mundi.

The STs for this game are David Fergusson, Joe Mills, Adrian Overbury, and Bismuth Hoban. They can be contacted by email at 7thseasts@gmail.com

Introduction to Théah

Théah is, in essence, 17th Century Europe with the names changed and a whole lot of extra swashbuckling, magic, and drama poured in. Swordspeople are a little more dashing, villains are more driven and tragic, and people of all genders find themselves needing to be rescued from distressful situations a little more often.

The racial and gender biases of historical Europe are not anywhere near as pronounced in Théah. Women hold positions of power and are equal members of public life in many nations (with the notable exception of Vodacce), and while magic is predominantly carried through the bloodlines of the nobility it is not unheard of for magical abilities to show up in other social classes, or even on very rare occassions outside the home country of that magic entirely.

Information on the nations of Théah, their religions, character creation, and the game system are provided below. Please feel free to consult the 7th Sea source books for extra background information and inspiration, and to contact the STs if there are any particularly important parts you intend to draw on that you want to ensure we're made aware of.

The Continent of Théah

The Nations of Théah
Vestenmannavnjar and Vendel

Religion in Théah

Character Creation

Character creation in 7th Sea: A Great Star Falls uses the simplified system that Caligo has previously used, with some modifications. Rather than focusing on character stats, this system focuses on what characters are trained in, and what they can do.

Each player begins character creation with 15 Character Points, used in a simple purchasing system. Details of character creation can be found below:

Character Creation

Game System

7th Sea: A Great Star Falls uses a modified version of the 7th Sea Game intended as a quick and easy replacement for the full tabletop system. Actions that require a check for success or failure are resolved by drawing cards from a deck, with the number of cards drawn determined by the characters Skills and other attributes. Full details of the system can be found below: