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The final part of your character is their Arcana – this represents both their most powerful Virtue, and their Hubris: a flaw that can lead to their downfall. Players can spend a Drama Die to invoke their Virtue in an appropriate situation to shift the course of the narrative. They may also be offered more Drama Dice by the STs if they accept the consequences of the actions their Hubris will lead them to.

Players may either select a single card from the list linked below and gain both the Virtue and Hubris from that card, or they may ask for a Five Card Spread to be done by an ST. If a player selects the Five Card Spread, they may pick any combination of one Virtue and one Hubris from the cards dealt.


0. The Fool
Virtue: Curious
Hubris: Naive

1. The Magician
Virtue: Resourceful
Hubris: Stingy

2. The High Priestess
Virtue: Mysterious
Hubris: Cold

3. The Empress
Virtue: Charming
Hubris: Vainglorious

4. The Emperor
Virtue: Commanding
Hubris: Condescending

5. The Hierophant
Virtue: Pious
Hubris: Repressive

6. The Lovers
Virtue: Loyal
Hubris: Demanding

7. The Chariot
Virtue: Confident
Hubris: Unfocused

8. Strength
Virtue: Compassionate
Hubris: Soft-Hearted

9. The Hermit
Virtue: Attentive
Hubris: Isolated

10. The Wheel of Fortune
Virtue: Charmed
Hubris: Gambler

11. Justice
Virtue: Reasonable
Hubris: Lenient

12. The Hanged Man
Virtue: Selfless
Hubris: Indecisive

13. Death
Virtue: Adaptable
Hubris: Malleable

14. Temperance
Virtue: Patient
Hubris: Hesitant

15. The Devil
Virtue: Determined
Hubris: Stubborn

16. The Tower
Virtue: Dauntless
Hubris: Impetuous

17. The Star
Virtue: Resilient
Hubris: Obstinate

18. The Moon
Virtue: Perceptive
Hubris: Insecure

19. The Sun
Virtue: Jovial
Hubris: Oblivious

20. Judgment
Virtue: Steadfast
Hubris: Brittle

21. The World
Virtue: Knowledgeable
Hubris: Avaricious