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Character creation in 7th Sea: A Great Star Falls uses the simplified system that Caligo has previously used, with some modifications. Rather than focusing on character stats, this system focuses on what characters are trained in, and what they can do.

Each player begins character creation with 15 Character Points, used in a simple purchasing system. This number cannot be increased or decreased, so if you find yourself with a stray point and nothing that fits enough to spend it on, come talk to the STs! We may be able to find something that fits.


Work out where your character comes from, and what they've done with their life so far. The most important questions to consider are:
What country are you from?
What was your social standing in that country early in life, and what was changed for you since?
Where did you learn the skills you've picked up?

The final two questions will get your character to the right spot for the first session:
Where is your birthmark?
What brings you to the Vaticine City?


Apprentice: 1 Point
Journeyman: 3 Points

Skills make up the core pool of options available to your character in the game. These represent training in professions, experiences in certain walks of life, or martial prowess that your character has picked up throughout their life.

List of Skills

Fighting Schools

Apprentice: 2 Points
Journeyman: 4 Points

Fighting Schools, also known as Swordsman's Schools, are administered by the Swordsman's Guild and are the only groups of people in Théah permitted to enter into Duels. When selecting a Fighting School, you gain both of the Skills of that School at the rank you've purchased, along with a Pin that identifies you as a member of the Swordsman's Guild.

If you're purchasing a Fighting Style that belongs to a secret society, you'll also need to purchase the relevant Advantage

List of Fighting Schools

NOTE: Characters with the Rogers school do not receive a Pin, but instead gain knowledge of Pirate Cant, allowing them to communicate easily with other pirates. They are also known to authorities somewhere in Théah as a pirate, and are wanted for arrest.
Characters with Schools connected to a Secret Society do not obtain a Pin, and as such receive neither the benefits nor the drawbacks of membership in the Swordsman's Guild.


Apprentice: 4 Points
Journeyman: 7 Points

Théah is a world filled with magic, though very few are capable of controlling supernatural forces. The magical traditions of Théah are intimately tied to the nations they are practised in. As such, in order to purchase a magical tradition, your character must be from the correct nation.

List of Magic Traditions


Costs vary

Advantages are a way of giving your character their own unique strengths and play style. This is where little knacks, secret knowledge, or the benefits of a pampered upbringing are purchased.

List of Advantages


The final part of your character is their Arcana – this represents both their most powerful Virtue, and their Hubris: a flaw that can lead to their downfall. Players can spend a Drama Die to invoke their Virtue in an appropriate situation to shift the course of the narrative. They may also be offered more Drama Dice by the STs if they accept the consequences of the actions their Hubris will lead them to.

Players may either select a single card from the list linked below and gain both the Virtue and Hubris from that card, or they may ask for a Five Card Spread to be done by an ST. If a player selects the Five Card Spread, they may pick any combination of one Virtue and one Hubris from the cards dealt.

List of Arcana