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Théah is a world filled with magic, though very few are capable of controlling supernatural forces. The magical traditions of Théah are intimately tied to the nations they are practised in. As such, in order to purchase a magical tradition, your character must be from the correct nation.

Purchasing a Magical Tradition at Apprentice level costs 4 Points, and at Journeyman level costs 7 Points.

Please refer to the List of Skills for details on the Skills that some of these magic effects modify.


Glamour magic is unique to Avalonians, a gift of the Sidhe powered by the magical cup known as the Graal. Through this power, a Glamour mage can invoke the strengths of legendary figures from Avalon's history. Each Legend imparts an Activated Effect, and an Heroic Action.

The Activated Effect of each Legend can be activated at will, and are usually considered to remain active at all times unless otherwise specified. A few have limits on how often they can be used per session, but otherwise they tend to act as constant enhancements.

An Heroic Action is a much more focused summoning of the Legend's power, usually guaranteeing success in an endeavour beyond the user's usual limits.

Apprentice: Choose 2 Legends. Gain access to any Activated Effects, the ability to use a Heroic Action from a chosen Legend 1 time per session, and set all X values to 1.
Journeyman: Choose 3 Legends. Gain access to any Activated Effects, the ability to use Heroic Actions from chosen Legends up to 2 times per session, and set all X values to 2.

List of Glamour Legends


Laerdom is unique to characters from Vestenmannavnjar and Vendel, though generally only the Vestenmannavnjar use this magic regularly. It is derived from the 24 Runes of Power left behind when Vesten warriors slew the Great Wyrm. Each Rune can be Invoked, or Inscribed.

Invoking a rune summons its effect. Some runes work immediately, others must be kept active to have a benefit, others still are used to enable you to perform special actions or alter the weather.

A skilled Laerdom mage can Inscribe a rune into an object, a process which takes some time. Once this is done, anyone who holds the object can invoke the rune inscribed on it. Once a rune is inscribed, it continues to count against the total of active runes until removed.

Apprentice: Choose 4 Runes. You are able to Invoke runes, can have up to 2 Runes active at any time, and all X values are set to 1.
Journeyman: Choose 6 Runes. You are able to Invoke and Inscribe runes, can have up to 3 Runes active at any time, and all X values are set to 2.

List of Laerdom Runes


Pyeryem is a magic unique to characters from Ussura. Its source is Grandmother Winter, who blessed (or cursed) her children with the ability to shift into the forms of beasts. Pyeryem mages can either transform fully into an animal, or partially. Either transformation takes a full turn.

A full transformation gives the user the form of the chosen animal along with both of the Effects that the animal form has. The user is subject to animal instincts while in this form, and cannot easily communicate with humans.

A partial transformation allows the mage to take on aspects of one or more animals, mixing up to a total of three Effects while remaining mostly human. This form is notably unnatural, so may scare common folk.

Apprentice: Choose 2 Animal Forms. You are able to fully transform into either animal.
Journeyman: Choose 3 Animal Forms. You are able to either fully or partially transform.

List of Pyeryem Forms