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Across Théah, like-minded individuals will often band together for a common goal. In some cases this goal is shared by so many, or its ideals are so persuasive, that it becomes more than an alliance of a few individuals and instead an organisation of many working side by side under a single banner. These organisations can last long beyond the lifetime of their founders, whether that be in public or as secret groups that operate outside the knowledge of common people.

Publicly-Known Organisations

The Explorer's Guild
One of the most prominent groups in Théah, and one that has captured the imaginations of people across all the nations. Their goal is to unearth the secrets of the past - from Syrneth artifacts to information hidden in Numan ruins, and many ancient sites between. The Guild's members include archaeologists, scholars, adventurers and nobles, and together they have accesses to resources enough to rival some nations.

The Knights of the Rose and Cross
Though technically the Knights of the Rose and Cross do not operate in secret, so many stories have spread about their activities that it is hard to tell fact from fiction. They are devoted to ensuring that justice is kept throughout the lands of Théah. Their devotion to justice (and the deep coffers they have thanks to young nobles who wish membership to improve their reputation) ensure they remain loved by the public.

Los Vagos
Headed by the mysterious Vagabond, Los Vagos are a patriotic organisation devoted to the defence of Castille. They have three core goals: to defend and protect the King, to resist the Inquisition, and to turn back the forces of the Montaigne invasion. Its members work in secrecy, but many are in positions of power that help to protect their small numbers. Through their valiant deeds, they are slowly reigniting the fires of hope among the people of Castille.

The Pirate Nation
The unified coalition of pirates in Théah. The alliances between the various groups and crews of pirates across Théah allows for mutual protection and better organisation for raids and recruitment. The major powers in the Pirate Nation are as follows:
The Brotherhood of the Sea: A fairly recent pirate organisation, their numbers have grown rapidly, and most Pirate Nation meetings are held in their city on the island of La Bucca
The Sea Dogs: Privateers sponsored by Avalon to protect their ocean borders, and led by the inhumanly lucky Jeremiah Berek
The Vestenmannavnjar Raiders: A highly skilled and close-knit crew of Vesten pirates whose main focus is hampering Vendel trade

Sophia's Daughters
A union of women across Théah that works for the betterment of women across all nations. Their work includes helping wives and daughters escape abusive husbands and families, providing work and training for lower-class women, and helping women in various Guilds to communicate and work with one another. Beneath the surface, they are also exceptional historians thanks to their libraries of women's writing, and are also involved in guiding and shaping the political affairs of nations.

Secret Societies

Die Kreuzritter
Die Kreuzritter was an organisation that flourished across Théah from its base in Eisen, tending to the poor and sick, building hospitals, and fighting against evil in all its forms. This order was destroyed in 1411 after being declared heretics by the Hierophant of the Vaticine Church of the Prophets.

The Invisible College
Like Los Vagos, the Invisible College has grown in response to the chaos surrounding the Vaticine Church. The Inquisition has moved to quash scientific exploration and advancement, first stifling the funding of universities, and more recently demanding that all research cease. The scholars of the Invisible College have found methods to move information through coded messages passed along in secret, away from the prying gaze of the Inquisition.

A group - though without any formal structure, headquarters or leaders - whose goal is the dismantling of all authority in Théah so that people may be truly free. They oppose all forms of government, monarchs, religion, money, and even the sorceries of the Numan Pact. Its members strive to be independent in mind and spirit, and show true courage in the face of power.