7th Sea - When night falls

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"You don’t live the story on the Glamour Isles. The story lives you."

— Derwyddon

Storytellers: David Fergusson, Fiona McConachie, and Dylan Marshall

7th Sea - When night falls is set in the capital of Avalon. The Queen is throwing a ball for a number of esteemed guests, but there remains an undercurrent of tension in the air. There is trouble brewing in the enchanted isles, and as the omens continue to mount, many believe that now is the time that old debts are finally settled.

Many of the characters are canon NPC's. We've tried to ensure there are characters available that people are comfortable playing.

If you want to request a specific character, or ask for us to assign or suggest you one, send a message on Facebook, or an email to lwolf.777@gmail.com.

Just for clarity, the player characters from the ongoing game will not be making an appearance in this game.


For world setting, please see the 7th sea main page:


There's also details of the different nations, religions, and how our conflict resolution system works.

On this night, the ball takes place at Glenayre castle. Said to have been raised from the ground by Derwyddon, leader of the druids of Avalon's old ways. It backs on to the seas, overlooking the harbour to the south. The city of Carleon stretches out to the east behind it.

The court of Queen Elaine is a relatively informal one. But there are rules of etiquette to follow. Some of the players will have titles, and should be afforded some respect. Their authority however is based not just on their position, but what that position is empowered to do. A duke for example would normally outrank a knight. However in matters of exercising the laws of the land, a knight's authority will exceed that of a duke. A duke can order a servant to perform a task for them, but can't order a knight or another member of the nobility to act for them unless they are sworn to them as a vassal. In the city of Carleon, the ultimate authority rests with Queen Elaine. As Elaine's knights are sworn directly to her, they stand on an equal footing to a duke who holds land and title, and so on.

When resolving disputes, if things escalate to combat, in this scenario that will likely be resolved as a formal challenge. Anyone who is a member of the swordsman's guild may issue a challenge or if they aren't they may seek to employ a guild member to issue the challenge on their behalf. The challenger may challenge any other swordsman guild member (noted by a lapel pin signifying both school and rank). It is an act of cowardice for any guild member to refuse a challenge, and there are significant consequences for doing so. It is considered gravely dishonourable to kill an opponent in a duel, with but a few exceptions. These will be explained in game if they come up. A swordsman can challenge someone who is not a member of a swordsman guild, and that character may choose either to answer the challenge directly themselves, or they can try to convince a champion who is a member of the guild to act on their behalf.


The Avalonians

Sir Lawrence Lugh - booked - The Queen's Champion, and currently the de facto leader of Elaine's Knights. Lawrence is a staggeringly handsome man, tall and imposing, with long flowing blonde hair, and a voice both kind and honest. His reputation is one of bravery and chivalry.

Sir Bors MacAllister -booked - A member of Elaine's Knights. Bors is a gruff speaking son of the highland marches. He can be seen in court, clad in kilt, his brown hair has begun to grey at the temples. He's not as young as he used to be. But his straight talking counsel is still apparently valued by the Queen.

Sir Anna Yseult - Booked - A member of Elaine's Knights. The only lady member of the order. She is renowned for being the knight Elaine turns to when something needs to be done quickly and expediently. Sir Berek calls her daring, Sir Lamorak calls her reckless, Queen Elaine just smiles and says, "She's successful."

Sir Goffrey Uwaine - booked - A member of Elaine's Knights. He is the de facto High Sheriff of the realm, and is who Elaine calls on when the laws have been broken. He is also a person people look to when the unseelie monsters are terrorising the countryside. An older knight, Uwaine is known to be the first to disagree with his fellow knights, and even his ruler.

High King William Piram - booked - is the Duke of the provinces of both Breg and Balig. The former rival of Queen Elaine, Piram is a tall man with black hair, tinged with silver. Known as one of the most vocal of the Queen's critics. He is often seen in counsel pointing out a flaw in one of the Queen's policies.

Beatrice Elwyn - is a steward and counsellor of High King Piram. She is an unassuming woman, who goes about her tasks efficiently. Normally she would be back in the High King's province, managing the estate, but for some reason, she's followed her lord to the ball tonight.

Baron Aldus Conon - booked - is the vassal ruler of Balig. A middle aged man, who loyally serves his master Piram. The Baron is known to have a bright wit, and while his province is of modest wealth, his thriftiness has ensured peace has endured there far longer than anyone expected.

Duke Mark Garloise - Booked - is the loud and jovial ruler of Camlann. Mark is rarely seen without a mug in his hand, and a laugh on his lips. He's often a little difficult to understand as he rambles, but when he wants to make himself understood, none will miss his meaning. A lover of the finer things in life, the Duke is a portly man, who acknowledges fashion only to the limit required of his station.

Duke Hamish Carlyle - booked - is the ruler of Lothian. He's half highlander, and tends far more towards their style than the Avalonians. He's known to be stubborn and headstrong, and was once admonished by the Queen for wearing a kilt to court, and told that someone in the house needed to wear the trousers. The next court appearance he was again in kilt, and his wife wore trousers.

Duke Neville Cholmondeley-Featheringstonehaugh - booked - is the ruler of Percis. He's also the only lord who's retained the family name from the time of the Montaigne occupation. Known for being a patron of the arts, and a trend setter for the latest fashions from the continent. If he is aware of the whispers about his loyalty to those across the sea, he doesn't show it.

Aelwynn Talog - booked - is a druid, and the most trusted associate of Derwyddon. Clad in flowing robes, and green hood, a gnarled walking staff in hand, Aelwynn speaks for the Gaavane region when Derwyddon is not available.

The Inish

Argyhle O'Toole - Booked - is the ruler of Carrig. A grim faced old man of advancing years, but when he speaks at court, his age falls away, as he argues passionately for Inismore to break free of the triple crown. He makes no secret of his opposition to the rule of Elaine.

Maeve Lynch - booked - is the wife of Cathal Lynch, rule of Donegal. A woman of advancing years, but still vibrant and fierce in court. Never one to mince words, she has been known to call out across the chamber "Ye've a heed full o' bricks O'Toole!"

Gemma O'Brien - booked - is the daughter of the current head of the O'Brien family and heir to the rule of Dreenan. She's known for being someone soft spoken. There's no doubt she gives the wise counsel her family is known for, but unlike her father and her brother, has never been the one to make others pay attention.

Nevan MacKenna - is the leader of the county of Leister. Much younger than many of the other leaders. He has neither the dynamic power of the O'Toole, or the quieter wisdom O'Brien, but has proven himself a considerate man, who doesn't respond well to being pushed around.

Siobhan Fianna - booked - A striking young knight of the O'Bannon. The Fianna are known to be fierce fighters, witty story tellers, and general rogues when nobody is watching them. They normally guard the king, but what she's doing here on her own is anybody's guess.

Ramona Beckett - booked - A gossiping courtier who spreads her time between Inismore and Avalon. Has recently been seen enjoying the company of Sir Bors MacAlister,

The Highlanders

Isobel MacDuff - is the representative of the High King when James MacDuff the second is away from court. Isobel is known as a level headed woman, who understands the politics of Avalon better than most. She's been a force to be reckoned with for the highlands for many years in Elaine's court.

Fergus MacBride - booked - is the head of clan MacBride, and one of the most prominent speakers for the highland marches separatists. An aging highlander, he is a shrewd politician. To quote the high king, "Compared to Fergus MacBride, Legion is just a promising amateur." He's outspoken, intelligent, and a master of picking his battles.

Aoife MacCodrum - booked - is the daughter of one of the minor clan leaders. Though their clan is mostly known for their fishing and absurdly good looks, they continue to maintain a felt presence at court. Aoife is no exception. A bold speaker, and stunningly beautiful, there are many young nobles who would win her favour. None have done so yet.

Lachlan MacDonald - booked - is another political animal, much like Fergus MacBride, but while the MacBride focuses on what he thinks is right for the Marches, MacDonald focuses on what is best for his clan. Holding some of the most valuable and progressive lands in all the triple crown, his clan is wealthy, and wields much influence because of that fact.

Magaidh MacCormack - Booked - is the a member of the sea dogs. She's an imposing woman, with an air of command about her. Dressed in her clan tartan, and wearing a basket-hilt sword, though no swordsmans pin. She stands out somewhat at the ball.

Fingal MacIntyre - booked - is a young man with a shock of red hair, and wears as much wode as clothing. What is a member of a warrior clan, known to prefer isolation doing at the social event of the season?

Bonnie MacLeod - is the current leader of the clan. Her husband recently killed in a skirmish with unknown assailants. She is currently in mourning for her dead husband, but dutifully has appeared as requested by her majesty the Queen. Known to be the enemy of the MacDonald, there is little love lost between their clans.

The Foreign Dignateries

Pierre Valroux du Martise - booked - the recently arrived representative of the new Montaigne regime. Pierre is a foppish young man, who dresses gaudily in the style of the old Montaigne nobility. His painted face stands out in the room, as does his great flourishes as he speaks.

Lord Adrien Nicodeme DuBoivin: - A lord of Montaigne, who has found refuge at Elaine's court from the troubles back home.

Father Julio Zepeda de Lazaro - just about everyone was stunned to discover that a member of the Vaticine church had been invited tonight, let alone it's highest ranking member on the island. Father Julio is a firebrand with his sermons. Some say the longer he has been here, the more shrill he has become.

Josina Meertens - booked - is a Vendle native who also arrived recently, and some rumours say that the Queen asked for her specifically. Her wealth is legend amongst those who pay attention to such things. One wonders why the queen invited her?

Marco Caligari - is a Vodacce merchant who is also vying for a favourable trading relationship with the triple crown. His family are known for their trade in Syrneth artifacts.

Anastasia Chekov - Booked - is an adventurer of some repute. A member of the explorers guild who has lead expeditions to some of the most remote places in Theah.

Hilda Schmidt - booked - is a commander of the Eisen Iron Guard. She has been invited here as a courtesy to her lord, Faulke Fischler. Though obviously she doesn't feel at home at court, she holds herself in a manner not dissimilar to Elaine's knights.

Freydis Isgrimnurson - is a rune sorcerer of the Vestenmannavnjar. She is a woman of advancing years, but still vigorous like most of her kind. She stands out in the hall, covered in her steel grey robes, and bone fetishes.