Antares: Character Creation

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You can download a character sheet here

Choose Species

Start by choosing a species for your character. Most of the colonists are human but a few other species also accompanied them on the mission.
The character's species determines some of its starting abilities. The playable species are:

  • Human: By far the most common species in the colony. Humans are known for having a high stamina and are also more familiar with all the technology on the mission.
  • Ortani Disharmony: A psionic species that likes to experiment with philosophies and beliefs. Their telepathy makes them useful when other communications fail.
  • Sygarians: An amphibious species at home in both water and on land. They possess the unusual ability to sense and generate electrical fields.
  • Chanor: They worship the concept of becoming one with a universal machine and are inhabited by strange symbiotic cybernetics that even they do not fully understand.

More info on the different species and their effects on play can be found here.

Choose Corporation

Choose which corporation employed you to go on the Antares mission.
This has no mechanical effect but "like attracts like" and the corporations are more likely to have hired people who share a mindset than those who don't.
This doesn't mean your character has to agree with the stereotypes listed below, certainly not everyone in DCI is ruthless and profit-focused, but it might inform your character choices and may change how NPCs react to you.

  • Drax Corp Industries (DCI Inc.): Specialises in mining. Ruthless and profit-focused.
  • SolTech Engineering (STE): Specialises in research. Scientific and coldly rational.
  • The Meridian Group (MG): Specialises in biotech. Environmental and idealistic.

More on the corporations can be found here.

Choose Department

Choose which department your character was assigned to for the mission. The colonists were chosen from those deemed necessary to start a new civilization on an alien world and everyone has useful skills to bring to the colony. Your Department determines the most significant aspects of your character, including which Skills you have available as well as providing other bonuses.

  • Consulate: The Consul are the leaders of the colony, they are in charge of all civilian personal and ensure the overall well-being of the people. They control the flow of resources and vie with one another for civilian votes which they can use for the benefit of the colony... or themselves...
  • Science: Researchers and investigators, scientists contribute knowledge to the colony. They research new technology and discover the properties of samples collected from the alien world.
  • Engineering: Engineers construct buildings and mass produce items that have already been researched. They can repair damaged equipment and upgrade existing devices.
  • Security: Charged with defending the colony, security officers are good in combat and do a lot of the heavy lifting and exploration. They have their own chain of command but answer directly to whoever is currently in charge of the civilian government. Of course if things start to unravel there is always the threat of a military coup...

A list of departments and their abilities can be found here.

Choose Skills

Skills work a bit differently in Colony: Antares. Skills can be rolled but they can also be spent to create special effects.

You begin with 1 point in one of your Department Skills. Your Department provides you with two to choose from:

  • Consulate: Leadership, Politics.
  • Science: Research, Medicine.
  • Engineering: Engineering, Jury-Rigging.
  • Security: Combat, Demolitions.

You have 5 other skill points that you can distribute however you choose between your Department Skills, or the General Skills that anyone can take.

  • General Skills: Athletics, Corruption, Economics, Firearms, First Aid, Investigation, Melee, Misappropriation, Pilot, Psionics (Ortani Only), Stealth, Xeno Archeology.
  • Skills cannot be raised higher than 2.
  • Department Skills are only available to characters of that department.

A list of skills can be found here.

Choose Hobbies

While Skills represent specialized knowledge in an expert area and have a large effect on the game, Hobbies represent minor talents that your character has picked up throughout their life.
Each character chooses 3 Hobbies from the list.

A list of hobbies can be found here.

Choose Merit

Each player may choose 1 Merit to provide a further bonus to their character.
Optionally, you may trade in one of your starting skill points to start with an extra Merit. You may do this multiple times but you cannot take the same Merit more than once.

A list of merits can be found here.

Record Health

Characters begin with 5 Health but some merits and species advantages may alter this.


Most equipment will be part of the colony stockpile which will be represented by cards at the game and may be distributed or traded between players based on roleplaying. Additional equipment will be created during the game as new technologies are researched.

Each character may begin with a few personal-effects, including photographs, books, data disks of music or films, a musical instrument, or similar items.
Weight is a factor in space travel so your character should only have a few items and nothing that is too heavy to be easily carried.

PCs cannot start with weapons or items which have a mechanical effect unless specified by a merit or other character trait.