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Each character belongs to one of the departments that contributed to the Antares Mission. Your department has several effects on your character:

  • Provides a general concept for your character. e.g. scientist, engineer, etc.
  • Determines where you fall in the chain of command. e.g. Consuls outrank everyone else. Everyone else answers to their department head.
  • Indicates who your immediate allies might be, for example engineers are expected to work together to achieve their goals but may not see eye to eye with other departments.
  • Determines your Department Skills.

Each department also correlates with a style of play, so you might want to choose based on what kind of game you prefer. Of course you are welcome to break these stereotypes, nothing stops a scientist gallivanting across the country-side on adventure.

  • Social: Consuls.
  • Leadership: Consuls.
  • Investigation: Scientists, Engineers.
  • Problem Solving: Scientists, Engineers.
  • Adventure: Security.

Costuming Tip: All colonists were issued with uniforms that were colour-coded to indicate their department, and although most of these suplies have since been lost, they tend to still choose clothing or symbols of their colour so their department is clear to all.


Colour: Red


The consulate comprises the individuals who helped put the mission together or were chosen to represent the financial interests of one of the corporations. Some of them are politicians from earth, others are corporate CEOs who provided funding, or heads of important institutions which provided research or technology to make the mission possible. All these people were appointed to the rank of Consul by the Corporations back on Earth, so they could continue to contribute to the colony as advisory council and magistrates.

Consuls control the flow of resources through the colony and determine where they are allocated and which tasks the rest of the colony should perform, in this way they can control the overall direction the colonization takes, however they also depend on the votes of the colonists and so ignoring the requests of the various departments and angering too many people can lead to their ruin. Civilian NPCs and the ODIN AI will usually obey consul characters over other characters, so long as the request is reasonable. If multiple consuls give conflicting orders, they will obey the one with the highest Political skill.

The military as a whole holds allegiance only to the current civilian administration and not to any individual. A military coup could change this however.

Department Skills: Leadership, Politics


Colour: Blue


The science department contains experts in a wide range of fields, they have physicists, chemists, astronomers, and virtually every other field of science that might be needed for starting a new life on an alien world. Doctors also fall within the science department. Scientists are experts in studying the physical world, they can analyze samples found outside and can research new technologies to aid the colony.

Scientists do a lot of investigation and problem solving, and are in charge of the research and development in the colony which falls into two main categories: Analyzing samples which provides useful information about Antares, and researching new technology which can help the colony survive.

Scientists depend on the consulate to provide them the resources needed to conduct their research, on security forces and other scouting characters to bring them samples, and on engineers to fabricate their research into workable equipment that everyone can use.

Department Skills: Research, Medicine


Colour: Yellow


Engineers are the builders and technical experts of the colony, they include electrical engineers, IT experts, builders and roboticists. They form much of the colony's workforce and very little could be done to create new infrastructure without their help.

Engineers handle the construction of new buildings, creation of computer systems, and the repair of damaged equipment. Perhaps most importantly they can mass produce equipment from blueprints researched by scientists. In broad terms, engineers turn resources into useful equipment.

Engineers depends on the consulate for the resources they need to power their fabricators, and on scientists to provide them new blueprints to construct.

Department Skills: Engineering, Jury-Rigging


Colour: Green


The security department was assembled from soldiers, police and special forces on Earth, they were chosen for their physical fitness, combat expertise, and ability to deal well with stressful situations and alien encounters. Added to the mission as a "just in case" measure, they have now become invaluable in the wake of the loss of the Daedalus and the countless possible threats from the planet's wildlife.

Security officers are physically stronger and fitter than the members of other departments, they are fully trained in the use of human weapons and armour and know how to keep it together under pressure. They make ideal candidates for sending out into the unknown wilderness to explore, can search for new food and water sources, and can bring back samples of the world outside for study.

The security department has its own rigid internal hierarchy and each officer answers to a direct superior who in turn has their own superior. The department as a whole answers to the positions in the civilian government and not to a specific individual.

Security officers depend on the consulate for orders and funding, and on engineers to manufacture their equipment and fortifications.

Department Skill: Combat, Demolitions