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The Antares mission was funded by three mega-corporations from Earth, each one putting forth resources, infrastructure and personnel to bring the mission to fruition. Although working together, each one has its own agenda and these are shared by the employees that they donated to the mission.

Your character was one of these employees, promised a significant payout for both yourself and your family if you helped your company achieve its objectives on Antares.
However with contact cut off to home, there are no longer orders forthcoming and no way to report back success.

Each character begins with a Corporation to which they have an allegiance, this establishes some initial alliances but these are fluid during play and you may choose to help or hinder whoever you like regardless of corporation. Of course should communication be re-established, there may be rewards for those who have aided their corporations and penalties for those known to be traitors, you may be a long way from home, out of reach of the corporations, but your friends and family are not.

The three corporations are listed here, along with their general demeanor and overview of how they operate. PCs don't need to have the same outlook as the corporation they work for, people get jobs for all kinds of reasons.

Drax Corp Industries Inc. (DCI Inc.)

Demeanor: Profit Focused, Industrious, Ruthless
CEO: Darius Drax
Delegate: Lachlan Drax


DCI Inc. is a wealthy conglomerate containing many financial institutions, mining consortiums, and manufacturing businesses. They are one of the wealthiest corporations on Earth and are constantly expanding into new areas. They pride themselves on maximizing profits and providing high return for investors, while those outside their corporate walls regard them as ruthlessly greedy.

DCI Inc. jumped on the Antares mission, hoping to harvest the planet's abundant natural resources. They provided 70% of the mission's funding and seek as great a profit as possible without regard to consequences.

SolTech Engineering (STE)

Demeanor: Science Focused, Progressive, Coldly Rational
CEO: Radha Singh
Delegate: Kimura Ng


Nothing is more important to STE than advancing their knowledge of science and technology. They are one of the largest tech companies, specializing in computer and AI systems, ship construction, and telecommunications. Although STE often appears more altruistic than some other companies, they are still a for-profit company, if anything they are just better at hiding their true motives. They are often the first to develop new technologies and then sell them for exorbitantly high profits, or they will sell one device unbelievably cheaply to maximize the number of people that purchase it, so they can then sell an essential overpriced add-on later on.

STE's interest in the Antares mission arises from the potential to learn new technologies from the Precursor ruins and to study the native wildlife for any potential new profit. They built the SS Daedalus, developed the ODIN AI system for the mission, and seek any potentially profitable scientific advancements.

Meridian Group

Demeanor: Environmental, Unyielding, Idealistic
CEO: Angelo De Luca
Delegate: Hadley Benoit


The Meridian Group is a collection of biotech companies specializing in eco-system management and organic technologies. They invented vat farming: replacing conventional farms with more environmentally friendly factories that grew food in huge quantities within vats. The Meridian Group are green companies that chose to fight the system from within, by developing green technologies that competed directly with those produced by other less environmentally friendly corporations.
Although their motives appear altruistic, they can be fanatical in their beliefs: allegations have been made connecting the Meridian Group to eco-terrorist crimes committed against other corporations. More disturbingly, these accusations have never gone to trial due to a lack of living witnesses.

The Meridian Group has an interest in studying Antares' natural ecosystem, they tasked their employees with gathering plant and animal samples so they could develop even more eco-friendly technologies and they would be against anything that damaged the planet's environment. Meridian provided the mission's medical and food supplies and invented the hibernation pods used by ships in hyperspace.

Corporate Dominance

At the start of the game, the three corporations will have equal influence within the colony, but as players enact new political policies, and help corporations achieve their goals, this balance will shift.
If the balance shifts too far in one corporation's favor, that corporation will be dominant which will have effects on the colony.

Dominance may be changed by:
Political Policies and Amendments that favour one corporation over the others.
Completing lots of missions given by one corporate delegates and not others.

A single event is unlikely to shift Dominance, a corporation must achieve a significant lead before this occurs.

The effects of Dominance depend on which corporation is in the lead:


  • No effect.

Drax Corp:

  • Production of Materials, Polymers and Organics are increased by +2 due to longer and more productive work hours.
  • PCs employed by Drax Corp gain one re-roll per session.
  • Food consumption is increased by +1: busy workers are hungry workers.
  • Pollution is increased by +1 due to the increased industrial processes.


  • Power production is increased by +2 due to increased worker efficiency.
  • More resources are dedicated to science and the Science department starts with +2 Labour.
  • PCs employed by SolTech gain one re-roll per session.
  • Organics production is lowered by 2, archaic resources should be replaced with more modern ones.
  • Materials production is lowered by 1, time is better spent advancing our knowledge rather than in manual labour.


  • Fresh Food and Water production are increased by +2 as workers spend more time working with the ecosystem rather than against it.
  • Pollution is reduced by 1: public awareness campaigns direct colonists to reduce their impact on the local ecosystem.
  • Spending Labour to harvest resources from natural Features produces 1 extra resource as more of the workforce is dedicated to gathering resources via sustainable methods.
  • PCs employed by Meridian gain one re-roll per session.
  • Power production is lowered by 1 due to running power plants at a lower capacity.
  • Polymer production is lowered by 4, these non-sustainable resources are damaging to the planet.