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The SS Daedalus was a 5th generation ship (as measured since the discovery of Precursor technology), and the first ship of its class to be built for colonization purposes. It carried 4 colonization modules, each carrying 3,000 colonists, which were attached to the underside of the ship and could be dropped onto the planet from orbit.

Although fast enough to travel to the edge of the solar system in just a few days, the SS Daedalus was (like all ships) not capable of FTL travel. The ship itself had 5 rooms: A control room, two research rooms, crew quarters, and the engine room. The colony modules could be entered through the hatches that connected them to the ship. It also had two small shuttles docked to its side, each capable of carrying a dozen people to and from a planet's surface.

The ship had water and air recycling systems, as well as significant food storage and power generation capabilities as well as artificial gravity to avoid the problems of weightlessness.

The ship was fitted with a 3rd generation Onboard Distributed Intelligence Network (ODIN-3), an AI computer system capable of verbally interacting with humans, anticipating their needs and running the ship on autopilot for long periods of time. Although not a truly self-aware intelligence, ODIN's communication and problem solving abilities are so advanced that it can easily be mistaken for one.
Unlike earlier AIs, ODIN is a distributed intelligence; installed on each computer on the ship (and in the colony modules) they worked together across a network to provide the semblance of a single intelligence that could interact with every system.

The original mission plan was to eject the colony modules to the planet's surface while the Daedalus remained in orbit as a command and coordination station, providing planet-wide communications and telemetry. The colony modules were meant to land together, forming the heart of the colony and providing short term housing and infrastructure until more permanent facilities could be built.

As the ship approached the planet it suffered a series of disasters that were likely the result of sabotage. Unable to deal with the mounting malfunctions across the ship, the crew evacuated to the escape pods and jettisoned the colony modules to the surface. The Daedalus was left tumbling through space, with no one to pilot it.

Due to the rushed and uncontrolled ejection of the colony modules, they did not land close together and the whereabouts of each module is unknown.