Antares: Engineering and Construction

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The Colony Module can only support a few dozen people and sooner or later the colony will need to expand.

To do this, Engineers can create new buildings, facilities, and items to increase the colonists chance of survival, however before these things can be built, they must first be researched.

Engineering comes in three important forms:

  • Constructing new buildings from blueprints researched by Scientists.
  • Fabricating items from blueprints.
  • Repairing damaged facilities.

Buildings and Construction

Buildings provide the colony with a range of bonuses, including providing additional housing for colonists, growing crops, purifying water, or providing defensive bonuses to the colony.
The colony only has limited open space available for construction and each building will take up a certain amount of that land based on its size. Additional land can be acquired by exploring and clearing away the native wildlife. Many buildings also have an upkeep cost, taking a certain amount of power to run, however if things get tough, the buildings can be shut down to save on power.
Some buildings may have negative effects, for example a factory might increase the colony's available Labour but might produce Pollution which can damage crops.

The colony begins with only a few blueprints for new buildings, but more can be unlocked through research.
Once a blueprint has been acquired, it will list a required cost in Labour and other resources.
Engineers can spend a point of the Engineering skill along with all the of the Labour and other resources needed to complete construction of the building.

Items and Fabrication

The colony begins with a small stockpile of items, these can be distributed among the PCs in whatever way they see fit.
Additional items can also be created by Engineers using devices called Fabricators.

Fabricators are table-sized machines that rapidly mass produce small items using a method similar to 3D printing, just a lot faster.
The Fabricator is not easily portable although could be slowly moved if required, and can produce things like flashlights, weapons, and tools.

Before an item can be created, first a blueprint must be acquired using Research.
An Engineer can then spend a point in the Engineering skill along with the required resources to make the item. One item is created for each fabricator the colony currently possess at no extra cost. So the more fabricators, the more items are created, saving resources.


Sometimes buildings might get damaged which may reduce their effectiveness, cause additional negative effects, or simply prevent them working at all.
Engineers can repair damage using the Engineering skill, this usually only takes a few minutes of game time.

Recycling Buildings

Buildings that are no longer needed can be recycled, reclaiming half (round up) of the resources (but not the labour) spent in their construction.