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The colony has a stockpile of equipment that may be important to the colonists survival, it includes weapons, medical gear, hand-held scanners, and other useful items. Although this stockpile starts small, PCs can add to it through research and fabrication. Some equipment can be used by anyone, others have a list of requirements.

Items will be represented at game by cards which may be distributed and traded between players as they see fit.

Characters can only use one weapon and one armour at a time.
Armour provides the wearer with extra Health that are lost first. Once lost this Health can only be recovered by repairing the armour using the Engineering skill.

The following items are the ones the colony begins with, but others will be developed during play, including upgraded versions of some of these items.


All weapons are used with the Combat skill. Those listed as "Firearms" may also be used with the Firearms skill.
Better weapons will be developed through research.
Fists: Damage: 1 Stun
Knife: Damage: 1
Pistol (Firearm): Damage: 2
Assault Rifle (Firearm): Damage: 2 damage to up to two targets.
Grenade: Damage: 3 to all within 5 meters.


Anyone may wear armour but those who don't possess the Combat skill are encumbered by it, moving 1 less step in combat and suffering -1 on Athletics, Stealth, and other skill rolls related to moving.
Better armour will be developed through research.
Light Body Armour: +1 Health


A compact (palm-sized) medkit containing painkillers, bandages and other useful medical aids for treating injured people in the field.
Each Medkit only contains enough supplies for one use. Heals 1 Health. Research can improve the amount of health healed by a medkit.
Requires First Aid or Medicine to use.

A pressurized spacesuit, complete with oxygen tanks, radiation shielding, climate control and built-in communications system.
The suits can allow survival in the vacuum of space for a few hours before the oxygen runs out, and are likely to protect from most environmental hazards encountered on a planet including lack of atmosphere, radiation, dangerous gasses, etc.