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You can choose one Merit during creation for free and you may trade a skill point to gain an extra merit. You may do this multiple times.
You cannot take the same Merit more than once.

Species Merits

Harmonious: +1 Psionics and your Psionics may be increased to 3 at creation or through XP. (Ortani only)

Synthetic Order: You start with an extra Synthetic Gift. You cannot take the same Gift twice. (Chanor only)

Electrical Strike: You can use your innate electrical generation abilities to attack up to a Range of 10 meters. Deals 3 electrical damage to up to 2 targets and stuns them, causing them to miss their next action. Can only be done once per session. (Sygarian only)

Department Merits

Loyal Constituency: There is an NPC group of colonists who really likes you and will loyally support your decisions no matter what. Once per session you may spend a point in Politics to gain 1 extra Vote in a Ballot. (Consul only)

Law Maker: Once per session you may propose the introduction or removal or a Policy or Amendment without needing to spend a point in Politics. (Consul only)

Inspirational: When spending Leadership to give an inspiring or degrading speech, you may now give someone either +2 or -2 to a roll. (Consul only)

Inventor: Whenever you research a technology that unlocks new items, you may also create one of those items for free (your choice which one). (Scientist only)

Inspired: You are driven by your genius, and work most effectively in bursts of creativity. Once per session: You may spend a point of Research to gain 1 Labour. (Scientist only)

Expert Physician: When using a medkit to heal someone else, the amount you heal is doubled. (Scientist only)

Efficient Fabricator: When fabricating, you may make an Engineering roll to create an extra item (no production cost required). You can only do this once per fabrication. (Engineer only)

Hard Worker: You motivate others with your own hard work. Once per session: You may spend a point of Engineering to gain 1 Labour. (Engineer only)

Sophisticated Drones: Your drones made with Jury-Rigging have two abilities instead of one. (Engineer only)

Resilient: Whenever you take more than 1 damage, you may reduce the damage by 1. (Security officer only)

Deadly: You deal 1 extra damage with melee weapons. (Security officer only)

Grenadier: The ad-hoc grenades you create with the Demolitions skill deal 1 extra damage. (Security officer only)

General Merits

Savant: Start with 3 additional hobbies. You are unbelievably talented in one of your hobbies (pick one). Once per session if you can justify how your hobby applies to the situation, you can use it to automatically turn the situation in your favour.

Influential: You have a great deal of influence with a group of NPC colonists and can sway their political views. Consuls will likely bargain with you to win your follower's support. You begin each session with 1 extra Vote which you can trade as you see fit. You cannot cast this vote yourself. (Cannot be taken by Consuls)

Quick: You act first during combat rounds (or at least at the same time as other people with this merit).

Artifact: You brought a useful piece of technology with you. It could be a device common to your species but alien to others, it could be something you consider holy, or perhaps it's just well made and functional. It could even be unknown technology, something beyond the tech of those on the expedition, perhaps from the Veratha or even the Precursors. Choose one skill that the artifact can be used with: You gain a +1 bonus to all rolls made using the combination of that skill and this item. The artifact may also function as a normal item of its type: e.g. an artifact pistol would have the normal stats of a pistol and would give you +1 on rolls to use it. Chanor characters may apply this merit to one of their Synthetic Gifts, representing a truly incredible enhancement.

Tough: +1 Health.

Fickle Luck: You may turn a failed roll into a successful one but you take 2 damage in the process as something goes wrong. You may even use this on skills you don't have.