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Commander Robert Hodson

Commander Robert Hodson was born on Earth in 2161, he is 56 years old.

He enrolled in the military at a young age, was part of an unsuccessful rescue operation sent to Mu Alpha colony after it suffered a complete failure of life support, and fought in the Battle of Gahal, successfully protecting a remote Chanor outpost from a Chrinoid infestation. He was awarded the Azure Star and became famous after he wrestled his commanding officer out of the jaws of a Chrinoid thrasher with only his hands and a knife.

Retiring in 2209, he was recruited in secret onto the Antares mission due to his extensive experience surviving in dangerous conditions and was appointed by all three founding Corporations to represent their interests as Colony Director in accordance with the Colony Charter.

Lieutenant James Grant

Lieutenant James Grant was born on one of the Orbitals, a small colony station in orbit around the Earth. He is 29 years old.
He enrolled in the military but saw only minor action protecting human cargo transports from raiders, however his conduct during these engagements earned him a promotion to the rank of Lietenant and drew the notice of Commander Hodson. Once his tour of duty was completed, Commander Hodson recommended him as second in command on the Antares mission.


The AI computer on board the SS Daedelus. The name stands for "Onboard Distributed Intelligence Network".
ODIN-3 is a problem solving computer program designed to communicate verbally with the crew, answer their questions, carry out their orders and oversee the running of the ship during the 6 month journey to Antares. ODIN-3 is installed in every computer on the ship, each one capable of acting independently but when connected together they synchronize their decision making and act as one mind.

ODIN-3 is not strictly speaking sentient, it is only capable of carrying out its orders and making logical decisions to overcome problems it encounters along the way, however it is sophisticated enough that it can be mistaken for sentient in some situations.

Lachlan Drax - DCI Inc. Delegate

Lachlan is the nephew of DCI's CEO, he's young, wealthy and very entitled.
On Earth he worked with many of DCI's projects, jumping from one to another as the fancy took him and he is said to have been competent but ruthless, often firing staff on a whim, undermining the workforce, and maximizing profit without regard to ethics or corporate image.

He was sent on the Antares mission to personally ensure the venture was profitable, although it's also rumored he was sent to get him out of his uncle's hair and because he might be just a little bit expendable.

Vincent Armstrong - DCI Inc. Vice-Delegate

Vincent has served alongside Lachlan for a number of years now, often seen as the face for Lachlan’s ventures, he is an older man who is very intuitive, charismatic, and empathetic. Where Lachlan thinks about efficiency and profit, Vincent thinks about public image and communication, making sure Lachlan’s actions don’t cause backlash from those he drops from projects. Many of those who are relieved of their duties by Lachlan, Vincent will find other jobs they are suited for. After all, they know Drax workings so it’s easier than hiring fresh faces all the time.

Many things will go through Vincent first and he often decides on if it would be worth bothering Lachlan with, unless it’s a new project or endeavour of some sort, at which point Lachlan holds the reigns.

Dr Hadley Benoit - Meridian Group Delegate

Dr Benoit has headed several significant research projects for Meridian Group, ranging from ecological management of introducing alien flora into colony environments to pioneering technologies like prototypes that led to the Uterine Replicators used today.

Dr Benoit rose to the Board of Directors within Meridian Group, but left the role after four short years to take a role in the "Ideology" department of the Corporation. Some five years after that, they assigned themselves to the Antares Mission to ensure the the Mission's integrity stay true to the signed agreements.

Alexei Dragunov - Meridian Group Vice-Delegate

A more physical presence in comparison to Dr Benoit. She seems like an unusual pick for the position, not holding a very high position in management before the mission, having worked mostly as a liaison between Earth and other colonies, mostly on Mars. She was linked to some more aggressive movements in her youth, movements that left her with burn scars on one side of her face, but by all accounts seems to have settled down as she reached middle-age. She is notable for her love of games, and will often be found playing chess in her free time.

Kimura Ng - SolTech Engineering Delegate

As a child, Kimura was a noted prodigy in the fields of programming and multi-spatial modelling. Recruited into the SolTech Incubator program, her genius did not manifest as anticipated. Instead, she displayed a remarkable capacity for multi-tasking and micromanagement. She seemed to be on a fast track for a coveted research leadership position, when instead she dropped off the management scene. Rumours of ultra-secret government projects, or unauthorised reproduction, or a corporate kidnapping all flourished. That was years ago. And now, in keeping with her habit of defying expectations, she reappears, representing SolTech on Antares.

John MacTire - SolTech Engineering Vice-Delegate

Unlike many others that hold his kind of position in SolTech, John MacTire actually started off in the military, working black-op missions that even many of his superiors cannot gain access to the details of. What is known is the misfortune he suffered in his final mission when a barrel detonated next to him in a firefight and he lost his right arm and leg. SolTech were quick to jump in and offer him bionic replacements in return for his service, and he gladly accepted. SolTech were expecting to get another soldier from the deal, but what they gained instead was a dedicated tactical mastermind who applied his trade instead to diplomacy and hunting down the best new techs to add to SolTech’s empire. He still certainly employed his old ruthless elements alongside his expert word, giving him quite the reputation as someone you don’t say no to without an escape plan or a really good counter offer.

John holds a high position now thanks to his many years dedicated to SolTech and ability to understand what tech opportunities are the best to chase after. He personally offered to go on the Antares mission, sniffing some great prize awaiting on the planet.