Antares: Native Life Forms

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This is a brief overview of encountered life forms on the planet Antares named by their discoverers.

Name  : Aeriform Fungus
Discoverer : Science Dept.

            Airborn fungus that clings to the surface of the planet like a dense purple fog. Unclear as to the extent of occurrence on surface.
Visibility reduced to approx. 50m. Fungus produces an acid that quickly burns non Antaran flesh. Sonic protection developed
to form fungal free envelop around drop pod.

Name  : Crested Nabulous Stinger
Discoverer : Tintinnabulous

            A semi aquatic lizard the size of a medium Terran dog. It has a thorny frilled crest around the back
of its head that appears to be used defensively to ward off perceived threats. It also has two large
curved horns on it's forehead. No current observations whether these serve a purpose other than ornamentation
Very quick reflexes allow it to dive from shore into the water to dive and strike fish in the water and leap
out again to avoid predators. Final note: It carries on the tip of it's tail two long needle like prongs, much
like the Manta ray, that carry a pain inducing toxin. May be primarily defensive (Can pierce the reinforced
material of space suits).

Name  : Ghost-Under-Glass
Nickname  : G.U.G.
Discoverer : Tintinnabulous

            Unknown taxonomy.  Approximately 10m in length and more than 2m in height when on it's belly. Appearance is hard
to describe as the creature has almost perfectly translucent flesh and organs. Grub like with rippled flesh and a
gaping maw this aquatic predator lurks in bodies of water using near perfect camouflage to surprise prey. Could not
detect eyes or appendages. Moderately slow on land but appears more at home in water. On encounter it appeared more
curious than aggressive but also seemed like it might satisfy said curiosity with its maw. Stun guns seem to surprise
it more than cause it inconvenience. Plans to investigate its life cycle in more detail under way.

Name  : "Koala Lamprey"
Discoverer :

            Fuzzy orange ball approx the size of a koala that drops from trees to reveal skin flaps similar to a flying fox.
As it descends it opens up it's flaps to reveal rows upon rows of sharp prong like "teeth". Can pierce space suit
Helmets. Use caution.

Name  : "Giant Spider"
Discoverer :

            Vague sighting no further information.

Name  : Horror Dog
Discoverer : Elfreda Sheridan

            A long limbed hunter, about the size of a large dog. Eyes are set below the jawline. Appears to live in packs, and has been noted to
hunt both solo and as a group. Seen to be led by a larger and naturally armoured "Alpha". The Alpha may have some mental control over
the other members of the pack.

Name  : Alva (Plural: Alvor)
Discoverer : Elfreda Sheridan

            Previously referred to as "Monkey-Dugongs", Alvor appear to be scaled crosses between manatees and orangutangs. They were originally
discovered hanging from the hand trees, grazing on the lumpy leaves. Each Alva has a three-fold mouth. They are able to inflate their
cheek-sacs and boom extremely loudly, and appear to do so when startled.

Name  : Arantilado
Discoverer : Emilio Torero

            es una araña que parece una roca. tal vez es un cangrejo. agresiva, territorial o ella estaba tratando de ayudar a Frieda a ganar la
carrera. vive en los acantilados y es difícil de ver allí. tiene garras grandes que puede usar para agarrar. duro caparazón. bla bla
bla bla. a nadie le importa

Is a spider that looks like a rock. Maybe it's a crab. Aggressive, territorial or she was trying to help Frieda win the race. It lives
on the cliffs and is difficult to see there. It has large claws that you can use to grasp. Hard shell Blah blah blah blah. nobody cares

Name  : Insectoid 123
Discoverer :


Name  : "Spider Urchin"
Discoverer :


Name  : Balayang Antares Adversum
Nickname/s : Pterodactyl
Discoverer : Adamantias

            A flying creature the size of a large Terran dog with a hairless body, bat-like wings and a domed head with the eyes set in the jawline
under the mouth, which is filled with needle-like teeth. Appear somewhat intelligent, as they were seen carrying other forms of creatures