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Colony Antares uses an app to keep track of the colony's status.
This app is intended to be an IC prop and guide to information but is not essential to play.
The intention is to have laptops around the room with the app running on them to represent the colony's computer screens.

The app is available on multiple platforms and requires an internet connection to function correctly.

Web App

This version of the app runs through a web page and will work on most html 5 compatible browsers.

Web App

Trouble Shooting:

  • Requires html 5 support which may prevent it working in older browsers.
  • Many mobile devices do not support html 5 properly so it may not work on some devices. Give it a try anyway, you'll see a warning stating your browser isn't supported (even if it is html 5 compatible) but there will be the option to continue anyway and I've found that it does work on some, despite the warning.
  • If you see an error about running out of memory, try closing all other tabs and try again.

Windows Download

For best results with windows laptops, the software can be downloaded as an executable.
This works better than the web app and is recommended.

Download (V.1.02)

Android Download

An adroid .apk can be downloaded and installed.
This should work on all android devices with Gingerbread or better.

Download (V.1.01)


  • Download the above file "ODIN.apk"
  • Go into your phone settings
  • Enable apps from unknown sources: "Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store"
  • Copy the file onto your phone using a USB cable or similar.
  • Use a file browser to run the .apk file.
  • Your phone will ask if you want to install the app. Choose yes.
  • You can now run the app on your phone.

Other Platforms

A linux version can be provided should it be required, however Mac and iOS versions won't be available due to Apple's restrictive policies which prevent development of software for those platforms without their approval. The web app may run on some Apple products.