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Characters in Colony: Antares are highly trained experts, hand picked for a dangerous mission on an alien world. They are also in charge of a dozen or so NPCs who do most of the manual work under their guidance. To represent this, skills are much broader than in most LARPs and represent both the PCs personal skill and their ability to manage their subordinates.

Most skills cover a fairly broad range of activities which can be performed by rolling the skill. Some actions are listed as "Spend" indicated that a point of the skill must be spent to achieve that effect. Once spent, these points are recovered at the start of the next session. Running out of points to spend simply means you can't use Spend options on that skill any more but you may still Roll for the other effects as normal.

In addition to the "Spend" options listed, a character may always spend a point in the skill to turn a failed roll into a success.

Most skills can be rolled by anyone, it's just harder to succeed if you don't have any points in the skill, however a few list that they cannot be used unskilled. These skills cannot be used at all unless your character has at least 1 level in them. The Spend options are only ever available to those who possess the skill.

Consulate Skills


Your ability to garner respect, lead people, and sway a crowd. This skill is used for all things related to social interaction.
NPCs will usually show more respect to you if you have a high Leadership, although your actions may affect this, for example an NPC that is pro-environmentalism might be disrespectful regardless of your rank in Leadership if you've spent your political career destroying the environment.

Leadership can be rolled to persuade NPCs to your cause, or succeed in general social interactions including charm, intimidation, and similar.

  • Spend: Give an individual a moving speech, granting them either +1 or -1 on a specific roll of your choice. Each individual may only be affected by this once per session.
  • Spend: Once per session you may give an encouraging speech to a group of workers to gain 1 additional Labour for the session.


Cannot be used unskilled
You understand how the political and law making process works, and how to manipulate the system and garner favours.
Through this skill you create your constituency and keep their respect by pandering to their needs through your political message.

You start each session with a number of Votes equal to your level in this skill and you can roll it to determine how many votes someone has, what their rank in the politics or leadership skills are, and whether they currently have the favour of the corporate or department delegates.

  • Spend: Propose a Policy or Amendment (or propose rescinding one).

Science Skills


Cannot be used unskilled
This skill covers most intellectual actions including researching a topic, scientific analysis, academic study, and general knowledge.
Characters with a high Research skill are considered to be more learned and academic than those without the skill.

Research can be rolled to ask a GM for specific knowledge on any scientific or academic subject. (e.g. "What would happen if I mix these chemicals together?").

  • Spend: Perform an Analyze action on a Sample.
  • Spend: Research an available Technology. This will also cost Labour and possibly other resources.


Cannot be used unskilled
This skill goes beyond first aid and represents professional medical training as a doctor or surgeon.
Those with this skill can mend broken bones, perform delicate surgery, and find cures to diseases.
Characters may not have both the Medicine and First Aid skills at the same time.

Using this skill, you can determine how injured someone is, stabilise them so they don't bleed to death, and use a medkit to treat an injury.
You can also analyze diseases to find out more about their nature.

  • Spend: Advance research to cure a disease. (Requires lab equipment)
  • Spend: Heal someone fully. (Requires medical facility)

Engineering Skills


Cannot be used unskilled
Engineering covers areas like construction, mass-production, programming, mechanics, and other hands-on technical topics.
Those with a high Engineering skill are very good at creating things. Whether it be a gun, a car, or a building, they know the best methods to ensure a quality product.

Engineering can be rolled to find out about a technical or mechanical subject ("Could I rewire this lamp to provide power to this computer?"), or to repair a damaged facility or piece of equipment.

  • Spend: Operate a fabricator to produce one or more pieces of equipment. This will also consume the resources needed to make the item.
  • Spend: Construct a building. This will also cost labour and resources.


Cannot be used unskilled
This skill represents an eccentric approach to electronics and involves jury-rigging semi-useful devices out of scrap parts.
The resulting devices are often a little unpredictable and erratic but can be useful in a pinch.

You may roll this skill to convert an item into another item of similar size (or smaller). You also must already have the Blueprint for the item you want to create.

  • Spend: Create a small robotic drone with a dog-level intelligence which will follow you and obey your commands. You cannot have more of these at one time than your rank in this skill. Each drone has the following stats:
Choose one type of movement:
  • Walking on 2 or more legs.
  • Wheeled.
  • Flying.
  • Swimming.
Choose one ability:
  • Camera and microphone - Transmitted to a screen or recording device of your choice.
  • Weapon - Ranged electrical attack which deals 2 damage.
  • Manipulators - Can carry small objects and has built in tools (can move things around, undo screws, etc).
  • Scanner - Can scan the surrounding area and send the results to a device of your choice. Detects basic layout, energy sources and movement within the area.

Security Skills


Your skill with all things related to combat or war, it covers using a weapon, being comfortable in armour, how to fight and even how to push through pain and keep going when things get rough.
A character with a high Combat skill has probably had professional training, either in the military or police force.
A character with Combat cannot have either the Firearms or Melee skill.

Combat can be rolled to attack with any weapon, either to damage or subdue. It can also be used to attack an object (e.g. break down a door) or to maintain military equipment (clear a gun jam, etc).

  • Spend: Avoid an attack that would otherwise hit you.


Demolitions represents your knowledge of explosives, including how to handle them safely and how to set them off or disarm them.

So long as you have at least 1 in this skill, you will never accidentally set off an explosive device. You can also use it to set up explosives with specific conditions (e.g. a timer, or a pressure plate), or to disarm an explosive set up by someone else. This skill doesn't normally cover the creation of explosives (that falls under Engineering like all other items), however you can scrounge something together if needed (see below). This skill also doesn't cover the accurate throwing of an explosive (e.g. grenades) which falls under the Combat skill.

  • Spend: Cobble together a crude explosive from whatever materials are at hand. This item counts as a Grenade but cannot safely be used by those without the Demolitions skill.

General Skill

General skills represent other areas of specialty that can be taken by any character.


With a high Athletics skill, you are generally faster and fitter than those without.

This skill is used to run, climb, swim, and perform acrobatics.

  • Spend: Move twice as fast as normal in combat. You may only do this once per round.
  • Spend: Take a hit for someone else nearby, either from an attack or an environmental hazard (e.g. a cave-in).


Crime is a part of all societies and with this skill you know all about how the criminal element works.

You can use this skill to contact someone of dubious ethics, convince a criminal you are trustworthy, or hear the word on the street.
Note that this skill's power is directly proportional to the colony's current Crime stat and starts somewhat limited but will grow in power as the colony's population and crime rate increases.

  • Spend: Get shady NPCs to perform an illegal or unethical act.


Managing a society is about managing its money, or in the colony's case, whatever resources are currently useful.
This skill represents your knowledge of how to efficiently distribute resources as needed and where it's safe to cut corners.

Using the Economics skill, you can gain general advice on any topic related to resources and you can estimate the value of all goods and services.

  • Spend: Whenever an Engineering or Research project is completed, you can spend a point of Economics to reduce the Materials, Polymers or Organics cost by one. This can only be done once per project, can lower an individual resource cost to zero but cannot lower the total cost of the whole project to zero. For example: A building that only costs 1 Material cannot benefit, but one that costs 1 Material and 1 Polymer can have either resource cost reduced, player's choice which one. In order to use this skill, you must be physically present and overseeing the project in some capacity.


Firearms represents your past experience with a limited selection of weapons, most likely handguns. It represents a more limited scope of training than the Combat skill, but is also more widely available to other departments. Characters with this skill most likely have past training with the police force, or at least regularly attended a shooting range or went hunting.
A character cannot have both Combat and Firearms at the same time.

This skill can be rolled to make an attack with a firearm.

  • Spend: Clear a jam or repair a malfunctioning firearm.

First Aid

You have some basic first aid knowledge and can treat minor injuries. This skill is often taken by those who were trained as field medics, paramedics, or general CPR and emergency training.
Characters may not have both the Medicine and First Aid skills at the same time.

You can use this skill to work out how seriously injured someone is, or to stablise someone so they don't bleed to death.

  • Spend: Use a Medkit to treat an injury.


Those with a high Investigation are more perceptive than others, and may notice things that everyone else misses.
Investigation is most commonly used to investigate crime scenes or find things which have been deliberately concealed.

You can roll this skill to spot something hidden or uncover clues about events that have transpired.

  • Spend: Retroactively spot an ambushing enemy and take an action during the surprise round.


This skill grants a knowledge of close combat techniques, including fighting unarmed and with melee weapons like knives. It represents a more limited scope of training than the Combat skill, but is also more widely available to other departments. Characters with this skill most likely have past training in martial arts, as a boxer or as a bouncer.
Characters cannot possess both the Melee and Combat skills at the same time.

This skill can be rolled to make an attack while unarmed or using a close combat weapon.

  • Spend: Block a blow from a melee attack and take no damage.


Misappropriation covers a range of dubious skills, including picking pockets and locks, sleight of hand, and bypassing security systems.

You can use this skill to perform a sleight of hand or steal something small within arms reach without being noticed.

  • Spend: Bypass a lock or tumbler. Works on old fashioned and electronic locks.


Most people are assumed to be able to drive a car, but this skill takes it a step further. Not only can you perform all kinds of stunts while driving, but you also know how to pilot aircraft, naval ships and even spaceships.

You can roll this skill to perform a difficult maneuver while piloting any kind of vehicle.

  • Spend: Avoid an attack that would damage a vehicle you are piloting, or prevent a crash or other disaster.

Psionics (Ortani Only)

Cannot be used unskilled
Some beings like the Ortani are sensitive to the minds of others and can use this skill to sense another person's thoughts, feelings and intent.

You may roll this skill to get a premonition about your surroundings (detect an ambush, sense if someone hates you, etc), or to sense a specific person's current emotional state.

  • Spend: You can communicate psionically with one person you know well for a few minutes, up to a range of about 10 kilometers.


Stealth covers moving quietly, avoiding detection, and concealing objects from others.

You can make a Stealth roll to move unnoticed or hide something so that others can't find it. Stealth is directly opposed by Investigation.

  • Spend: Move unnoticed up to an enemy and make a surprise attack that occurs in addition to your normal action. This cannot be done if the enemy is aware of you or if you've already attacked during this combat.

Xeno Archaeology

Cannot be used unskilled
Some academics dedicate themselves to the study of alien cultures and languages, including the study of their past and ruins on dead worlds, but above all study of the Precusors.

Using this skill you can gain general knowledge about alien languages and cultures, and can translate most alien languages.

  • Spend: Translate precursor writing.
  • Spend: Gain information about a precursor artifact.