Antares: Tech and Research

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Many of the Colony Module's computers were damaged during landing and the schematics for a lot of the technology available on Earth were lost.

However Anatares is a new world, with new resources, lifeforms and opportunities and the colonists can research and discover new technologies to improve the colony, unlock new items and buildings, and increase their chance of survival.

The research system is divided into two sections: Samples and Techs.

  • Samples are collected from the planet and can include organic samples (plants and animals) and inorganic ones (rocks, metals, etc). Virtually everything can be sampled, including the atmosphere and any water found.
  • Techs are new branches of research that can be conducted to discover new improvements, buildings, items, etc.

The most common way research works is:

  • A new Sample is found and brought to the colony.
  • Someone with the Research skill analyzes the Sample which unlocks a new Tech.
  • Scientists work together to complete the Tech using resources gained from consuls.
  • The completed Tech grants new bonuses to the colony or unlocks blueprints for new items or buildings which can be created by Engineers.

At the start of the game only a few Tech and Blueprints will be available and others will be discovered through play.


Samples represent physical things taken for analysis. They can be a piece of a plant, a bit of fur, a scale or feather. It could be a soil sample, a vial of water, or a sample of the atmosphere.
Virtually anything native to Antares can be taken as a Sample and they are most commonly found through exploration of the planet.

Once a Sample has been brought back to the colony, a character with the Research skill can perform an Analyze action on it to find out more about it.
This will not only provide information about the sample itself but may also unlock new Techs or other benefits.

Analyzing a Sample will usually reveal:

  • What is it? (if not already known)
  • Is it organic or inorganic?
  • What technologies does it unlock?
  • Does it have any immediately useful properties?

Example: A plant sample brought back might be found to have antibiotic properties, allowing researchers to develop new medicines.


Techs represent new areas of research that can be undertaken to improve the colony. They are usually unlocked by analyzing Samples or by completing other Techs.
Once a Tech has been unlocked, it can be completed by one or more characters with the Research skill.

Each Tech costs a certain amount of Labour and may in some cases also cost other resources.
A character can spend a level of the Research skill, along with the needed Labour and other resources to complete research on the Tech.

Completed Techs grant benefits to the colony like unlocking new buildings and items which can be built by Engineers.

Example: The new medicines unlocked by the previous plant sample can now be researched. Upon completing the Tech, a blueprint for the medicine is added to the colony's databases so that Engineers can now create it at any time using the colony's fabricators.