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(This game is no longer running)


"Infamous across Aarklash, Cadwallon is a city of intrigue and secret deals.
Mighty relics, hidden places of power, and influential personalities are all the targets of plots by the powerful guilds that rule the city.
Each guild seeks to secure a position of power..."
- Arcana Revised edition box.

The Honour of Thieves.

Cadwallon, the free city, the jewel of Lanever, the infamous city of Thieves; arguably the greatest city on Aarklash and the only oasis from the chaos of the Ragnarok.
Despite being neutral the city is still influenced by powerful forces, be they the agents of the great nations of Light, Destiny and Darkness, or the powerful Guilds of Cadwallon. All seek power and to exploit the riches to be found in the ancient ruins upon which the free city was built.
Long ago the founders of the city formed a force to help protect the freedom of the city from the predations of powerful forces within and without, and to also exploit the treasures that are buried below. They are known as the Free leagues, small bands of mercenaries sanctioned by the Duke of Cadwallon to defend the city and exploit its wealth. For those who succeed, wealth and power abound, but the dangers of the city of thieves often outweigh the possible rewards…

“The Honour of thieves” Is a Multiform campaign using the Cadwallon:The Free city RPG and designed for small groups of three to six Free Leaguers. It is intended to run bi monthly freeform sessions and tabletop games as required. Reoccurring NPCs will also be available for players to play.
The initial campaign is intended to run from July 2012 until March 2013.

League Hall
The Guilds
Other Powers

The Cultures of the world of Aarklash (pdf)
The Races of Aarklash
Cadwallon-The Free city
Map of Aarklash
Map of Cadwallon
The Rules of the game(pdf)
Character creation(pdf)
Paths of Magic
The Miracles of Faith
Tarot magic
Of Pawns and Kings(pdf)
Downtime(pdf)Downtime form
Companions and Familiars