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Caligo Mundi Limited (ACN130242483) is an Australian not-for-profit company that is limited by guarantee and registered under the Corporations Act 2001.
This means that it uses all the monies it collects through its operations for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.
As a company, Caligo Mundi is run by its Board of Directors.
Each game is run by the relevant Storytellers (STs) or Games Masters (GMs).
Essentially, if something relates to you as a person, talk to the Board or your local coordinator.
If it relates to your character, talk to your ST or GM.

Organisational Philosophy
Caligo Mundi is an organization dedicated to the sophisticated and mature presentation of role-playing events (live action or otherwise) set in various genres.
Caligo Mundi draws upon the inherent talents and imaginations of the participants to organically grow and shape the world on the framework provided by some of the most popular role-playing settings of them all.
There are no approvals or artificial restrictions on the type of game that individual groups chose to run, merely guidelines as to the theme, mood and atmosphere in which the Caligo Mundi core chronicle is set.
The philosophy behind Caligo Mundi is one of equality and cooperation, and this is fundamental to the way in which Caligo Mundi is operated.
No-one participates in this hobby who does not want to see a good chronicle develop and their characters grow and develop through the length of their story-arc.
It is therefore incumbent upon players to work together purely for the good of the hobby and their own enjoyment of it, relying upon ability to role-play and enthusiasm to advance their character’s goals.