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Caligo Mundi Presents: A Weekend of Gaming

Caligo Mundi Preents

This event will be held on the weekend of 9 - 12 March. This was a roaring success last year and 2012 could be even better!

Members: $7 per day, $20 whole Weekend
Non-Members: $10 per day, $30 whole Weekend
Membership: $25, availiable on the day

Contact: to register for each or any event and to book characters.

Venue: Rendezvous Hotel, Flinders Street

The timetable of Events:

  • Friday Night (7:00-11:00pm) - World of Darkness - The Disciple of Gallu
  • Saturday Afternoon (1:00-5:00pm) - Houses of the Blooded - Hearts that Bleed
  • Saturday Night (7:00-11:00pm) - Serenity - Freedom (Shadow's Fall)
  • Sunday Afternoon (1:00-5:00pm) - Legend of the 5 Rings - Flames of Winter
  • Sunday Night (7:00-11:00pm) - World of Darkness - Servants of the Akash Deva
  • Monday Afternoon (1:00-5:00pm) - Vampire: The Masquerade - A Debutante's Ball
  • Monday Night (7:00pm onward) - BBQ (Venue: Batman Park)

Post-game nightly gatherings: TBD

These are the games that will be run:

Sibilant Whispers: Session 1: Disciple of Gallu:
Victoria is planning a Labour day celebration this year and after the disappointment of Australia day, all the stops are being pulled out. However there are concerns that all the pomp and ceremony is in fact a disguised occult ritual of massive proportions.

Take one Premier, who its rumored is still standing after some of the most dangerous individuals in the supernatural community have taken a crack at him. Then take in to consideration that the Labour day celebration is his brainchild and things are looking grim.

Set on the night before Labour Day as a last chance to try and stop what might be assumed to be the worst, the inevitable. Can he be stopped and if so, how? Or will the celebrations go through as planned regardless and why are the spirits so aggravated?

Will the Disciple of Gallu get his way?

Houses of the Blooded
One House looking to the past, looking to regain past glory and dominion
Nobility is not only in the Blood but it is in the purpose

One House looking to the future, to change and for the betterment of all Ven
Disregarding tradition and fashion both

One House looking to conquer, to take what is theirs by right of their virtue
This is their advantage

Three Houses caught between strength, prowess and cunning
Allies, enemies, family, friends and duty

And in the darkness lurks danger

This is a single session game set in the Ven Senate at the prelude to change and revolution
A selection of pre-generated characters will be available for those who do not have an pre-existing character

Cast List

Serenity: Shadow's Fall

It is the fifth year of the Unification war and the world that has been the greatest of it's battle grounds, Shadow, is seeing a decisive battle fought around the main spaceport of the planet, called Watch Point Alpha by the Alliance. On the eve of the New Year there is a small, but bloody, battle being waged a short distance from the main battle. Battling in a death lock, forces of the Independents and the Alliance have fought for 24 solid hours and now find themselves at the second night fall, a night fall where many soldiers minds turn to thoughts of home so far away.

Legend of the 5 Rings: Flames of Winter
"Toshi Ranbo is the Third largest city within the Emerald Empire.
Over the past year it has faced Murder, bandit attacks and supernatural events that have threatened the tenuous peace between the Lion and the Crane clans.
At the opening of the Governor's winter court, strange fires broke out within the city; infernos that cannot be quenched by water or sand...
As the population begins to panic, they look to their Champions and leaders for guidance.
Only Honor and loyalty can guide us through this darkest of winters..."

A one off Legend of the Five rings Freeform set in the "Ashen Empire" universe.
Pre-generated characters will be provided on the day, with a character list available at the weekend for pre booking.

Flames of Winter Cast List

Sibilant Whispers: Session 2: Servants of the Akash Deva
Melbourne's subdued atmosphere has been building for a while now. As the general populous gets duller and less imaginative, very few people are emerging in today's society as thinkers and doers and those that are often come from all areas of society and have little in common. This trend has continued despite all the disruptions and catastrophes.

It is known amongst some that the servants of the God Kings are responsible, that they are waging a secret war with those that they have philosophical differences of opinion with. That other supernaturals are just being used as tools to expose their enemies and find where they dwell.

The subtle game is almost won, now only the bold moves remain. Can the enemies of the the God King's servants turn it around?

Is it this war that has the spirits so aggravated, or something else?

Vampire: The Masquerade: A Debutante's Ball
Michael Guichard Durand de Fontaine and the family of Ventrue invites the court of Melbourne to attend a grand debutante ball to mark the release of his childe Cassandra de Fontaine.
A celebration of coming of age, of responsibility, of released Accounting and of having survived every night so far.