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Camp Caligo 2015 is a new event that will be run by Caligo Mundi this year. This is an experimental idea that some of us have wanted to do for a while.


The camp dates are Feb 27th, 28th and March 1st and the event is priced at $99 (but see below) for:

  • 2 Nights accommodation.
  • 6 Fully catered meals.
  • 2 Generation X sessions, Camp Condor:Australia
  • 1 Legend of the Five Rings Prelude Session, The Topaz Championship: An introduction game to setting and system for the larger 12 session story arc using one off characters for those who require them
  • Movie night featuring a 5m inflatable screen and projector.
  • Swimming Pool, Basketball and Volleyball court access.
  • The pleasure of hanging out with our wonderful community on camp!

All of this will be at the YMCA Mt. Evelyn Recreation Camp – an hour’s drive from the city and 10 minutes away from Lilydale train station.
The venue is a fully equipped recreation camp with cabins, bathrooms, function rooms and all the facilities you would expect. You can also opt to bring a tent if you prefer.
We will have transport and carpooling arrangements in place on the day. As well as arrange a pick up from Lilydale train station (see map for location)

The camp organisers are Simon Al-Nakat, Andrea Lovell, Rick Haseman, Adam Raymond, Fiona McConachie, Paul Stephenson and Nat Rolfe.
Contact us at:

$99 is a subsidised price provided by Caligo Mundi. We are a growing club but still a small club and can only guarantee the price for the first 50 people. There are payment plans for people who want to pay half now and half later (see the FAQ for more details). February 15 was the final date for payments.

Registration and payments are now closed. -- please email us if you've had problems with payments or need to update your registration

Camp Caligo Code of Conduct - Please read, by attending Camp Caligo you agree to this Code of Conduct.
Timetable - current camp timetable (subject to change, last updated 2nd of Feb)
Cabins Map & Allocations - use this to find your room!
FAQ – please check this page before asking questions.
Camp Caligo Cabin Arrangements Spreadsheet - DONE!
What to bring
Official venue website - YMCA Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp