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What is Camp Caligo?
Camp Caligo is a *drum roll* CAMP FOR CALIGO!
It’s an official Caligo Mundi event intended for the enjoyment of members and participants.
Camp Caligo will be run at the Mt Evelyn YMCA Recreation Camp over the weekend of the 4th, 5th and 6th of March, 2016.

Three Caligo Mundi sessions will be run (Two on the Saturday day/evening and one on Sunday) - Session schedule to come soon.
The camp will also include six fully catered meals, two nights accommodation (Friday and Saturday night), as well as swimming pool, basketball court, Tennis court and volleyball court access.

How do I contact camp organisers? Who are the Camp Organisers?
Please send emails to
You may get lucky with a Facebook PM however please keep in mind that Facebook is not ideal for camp-communication.
Darren, Fi, and Polly are the camp organisers.
We can also be contacted in person at the various Caligo Mundi events leading up to camp.

Is this one of those 48 hour In-Character things?
No. Official, ST-sanctioned roleplaying will occur during the scheduled sessions. These sessions will be approximately 4 hours each.
RP outside of official session should be negotiated between participants and STs.

How much will it cost?
This is a special price subsidised by Caligo Mundi for participants.
If you are paying in full or paying the second payment of your split payment, the deadline is Fri, Feb 19th [1st Cyberpunk Session]
We have a growing membership but we’re still a small club, as such we can only guarantee the subsidy for the first 50 participants who sign up and pay.

What do I get for $99?
6 Meals. 2 Nights Accommodation. 4 One off Roleplaying Sessions, volleyball, basketball court, tennis court and pool access, the pleasure of camping with friends.

Is there a camp itinerary/timetable?
Yes! It is coming soon!

How do I pay and register?
Registration is via the below form, you can pay in full or two instalments, either by Cash at a Caligo event, or via direct transfer to the Caligo account. Those who select the latter in the Registraion Form or request details at a Caligo event or via email to, will be given the Bank details to do so.

I can’t pay $99 straight up, can I pay half now and half later?
Yes, you can split your payment into two instalments.
If you are taking the split payment option then the first payment deadline is Fri, Jan 29th [Game of Thrones Session]
Again, please indicate clearly who you are in the transaction description.
The subsidised price and your place at camp will be reserved for you after the first instalment is paid.
If you are unable to make the second instalment, you will receive a full refund but lose your place at camp.

How much would it cost without the subsidy?
Around $160 – we’ll see if there is wiggle room but we can’t promise anything.

I would like to volunteer to pay the higher unsubsidised price so someone else can get the subsidy.
That’s super awesome of you. If it comes down to it, and we have more than 50 people, we may put out a call for volunteers.

In what circumstances can I get a refund?
Very few. Please keep in mind that Caligo Mundi has financial commitments to our venue, YMCA Mt Evelyn, and needs to plan accordingly. Outside of the below scenarios, the payment is not refundable;

  1. (Unlikely) Camp Caligo is cancelled. You will get a refund.
  2. You opted to pay over two instalments. You paid the first instalment but not the second instalment. You will get a refund.
  3. You paid the $99 but have been informed that you are not getting the subsidy (too many people got in before you). You can choose to pay the difference or get a refund.

EDIT 2016 - There were limited subsidised places available in 2015, we are reviewing our position on this provision when we have a better understanding of attendee numbers.

When is it happening? Where is it?

YMCA Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp
Tramway Road (off York Road)
PO Box 136, Mt Evelyn VIC 3796

The venue is about an hour away from the CBD by car, and 10 minutes away from Lilydale train station. There is parking on site and we will be organising carpooling for the day (stay tuned).
Friday, Saturday and Sunday (March 4, 5 & 6) are the dates of the camp. We will have official arrival and departure times soon (watch this space).
Approximately; the camp will begin in the late afternoon of Friday and end after the final game and clean up on Sunday, also in the late afternoon.

Why not the long weekend?
We tried, we really did. It’s a very popular time for camps and the slots were simply unavailable. We settled on the new date based on what worked best for the club and the STs.

I don’t drive! How do I get there?
We are working on a carpooling roster; please make sure you let us know on the rego form that you’ll need help getting there.
You may be picked up from a location nearby to where you live, or picked up from Lilydale train station.

I drive – can I park at the camp?
Yes – also please consider giving people lifts. If you’re happy to do so, please let us know on the rego form.

I have dietary requirements, how do I let you know about them? Will they be catered for?
Dietary requirements will be catered for, provided you give us enough notice.
You can indicate your requirements on the rego form. If you need to add more info, please email though bear in mind that this is a YMCA venue.

Will there be hot water, toilets and civilization stuff?
Yes! While tent camping is available, YMCA Mt Evelyn is fully equipped recreation camp with cabins, bathrooms, function rooms and all the facilities you would expect.

Do we have first aiders? I am a first aider, how can I help?
We will have first aiders. If you are a first aider, please let us know on the rego form.

Can I bring a tent? Would that change the price?
Yes you can bring a tent. There are a limited number of tent slots so please let us know on the rego form if you’re tent camping– we will try to sort out accommodation so everyone is happy.
The price will still be the same.

Can I bring snacks/alcohol?
Yes you can bring snacks :) - just don’t eat them in the cabins, that is against the camp’s policy.
You are welcome to bring alcoholic drinks; it’s not a dry venue. Be responsible.

Will cabins be gendered and/or allocated?
Cabins will not be gendered and generally not allocated. We are allocating certain cabins based on people’s needs.

I am uncomfortable sleeping in/sharing a cabin with X
Please use the following spreadsheet to sort out room allocations (instructions within):
Coming soon

You can also add additional information or ask questions by emailing
We will do our best to make the experience comfortable and easy for everyone.

X and I would like to be in the same cabin
Feel free to sort out these arrangements upon arrival. A few cabins will have fixed allocation - please respect that you will not be allowed to change/negotiate the composition of allocated cabins.

Will there be a gender-neutral bathroom?
Yes. Let us know on the rego form if you’d like to be near it.

Are the cabins air-conditioned?
Yes :)

Is there fridge storage space?
Yes :)

What if I only want to come for a day visit or a single night?
You’re welcome to and we understand some of you will have no choice but the price will be the same. Sorry but this is for many reasons.
The major reason is we’re a small club, with the finances of a small club, and we’re trying something a little bigger.
We don’t have a lot of room for pricing flexibility at this scale. Maybe in future years.
Another reason is that camp organisers are trying to create a specific kind of experience; a camp. This is distinct from events in previous years. We feel the social-camping aspect of Camp Caligo is integral to the event. Lots of people rocking up for a single game and then leaving would undermine the distinct atmosphere we hope to create.
If you do end up only coming for a day – you will still have all the sessions available to you and all meals catered for during your visit. You can even chose to stay the night if your schedule clears up.

Can we use the pool?
Yes, provided one of the designated pool supervisors are around. You can convince them to watch the pool on a whim or wait for one of the scheduled pool duty times. If you have a first aid and CPR certificate and willing to be a supervisor – let us know (

Can I leave the campsite to grab snacks, pass by home etc?
Yes. We are all adults :) - please remember to sign out/in. In case of an emergency, we’ll need to know where everyone is.

Can I bring my partner?
Yes. The special subsidised price will be prioritized to existing participants however (players and STs etc).

Can I bring along someone new to the camp?
Camp Caligo is actively moving away from recruitment as an event goal. It’s main intention is to reward the existing player base.
We will keep an open mind but please note the following; the subsidised price will be prioritized towards the existing player base. Additionally, the camp will be more intense than a single session; not necessarily the best environment to introduce someone new to Caligo and/or roleplaying.
If you’d like to get someone new involved, best bet is to get them involved beforehand.

Will there be Wi-Fi or reception?
Reception is fine throughout the camp. In regards to Wi-Fi; yes there is but I don’t think it’s throughout the whole camp, it may incur additional charges – will have more info soon.

Will there be a camp fire?
Of course. There is a large, sheltered fireplace. We will have to adhere to fire bans etc.

Important: Speaking of fires
In the unlikely event of fire or a severe to catastrophic fire warning for the region, Camp Caligo will be relocated. If it is unable to be relocated or rescheduled in a way that is adequate for the participants, Camp Caligo will be cancelled. If Camp Caligo is cancelled as a result of a fire warning you will get a full refund.

Will there be a Camp Caligo Code of Conduct?