Changeling: The Lost - One Wyrd Night

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changeling symbol

The wall is silence, the grass is sleep,
Tall trees of peace their vigil keep,
And the Fairy of Dreams with moth-wings furled
Plays soft on her flute to the drowsy world.

~Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Storytellers: Lukas McNamara and Andrew James

One Wyrd Night is a game of prices paid and treasures found or lost. Set against a backdrop of the thorns of the Hedge, the Luna Market promises the fulfilment of desires… if you can find the right coin to buy your new fate.
A game about small stories, One Wyrd Night is not a game that will see the Story Tellers standing up and announcing events to the room at large. Each character has a reason for being at the market and a set of goals to achieve while there. This is primarily through trading and bargaining with other players and the stallholders, but some characters will have political, investigatory, or personal goals they wish to achieve.

The characters can be of any gender, even if the description is somewhat gendered. Everyone can enjoy pantsuits and pearls. In most cases the appearances of the characters are flexible, or can even be changed dramatically. You can be as human or inhuman as you please. Let us know if something doesn't work for you.

If you want to request a specific character, or ask for us to assign or suggest you one, send both of us a message on Facebook, or emails to and

Please pick your characters by Friday the 24th of March


Changeling The Lost is published by White Wolf as part of their New World Of Darkness line of games. In Changeling players take on the roles of once normal people who were kidnapped or otherwise left this world and spent time in Arcadia, a faerie realm of wonder and horror.

Returned to earth those unfortunate souls are altered by their experiences, becoming changelings. A man made to guard the orchards of his brutal Keeper might find his skin turned to bark and his hair to leaves as he becomes a dryad. Another person kept as the pampered pet of a Keeper in the form of a small child grows fur and whiskers turning into a cat companion.

All the Lost are altered in some way by their time in faerie and only very rarely could they hope to pass for a normal human. Fortunately they are protected by the Mask, a powerful illusion that causes humans and other non-changelings to see them as they once were and not as they have become.

Desperate to not return to Arcadia, the Lost sort themselves into courts based on the four seasons and pass power between their monarchs with the cycle of the natural world. Summer is ruled by wrath and attracts the warlike. Autumn rules fear and it’s courtiers turn the magic of faerie against itself to protect the lost. Winter mourns what has been lost, feeding off of sorrow and hiding from the Keepers. Finally Spring comes and brings with it the celebration of the return to earth, it’s courtiers throw themselves into the act of being human and are strengthened by their desires. Not all changelings join a court and those that don’t are known as the courtless and regarded more with suspicion than with any goodwill.

Caught between the human world and The Fey Realms is the thorny maze of The Hedge. A place of transition, not quite one thing or the other, it is nevertheless a place of magic and monsters. Every changeling passes through the hedge at least twice: Once on the way to Arcadia and once as they return. Most however return far more frequently than that. Every changeling has the ability to take any door or window and make it a portal to the hedge. The Hedge is far from without risks however. While it contains many treasures and opportunities, it is populated by denizens both alien and dangerous.

The Hedge is home to the Hobs, creatures neither human or changeling but more diverse than both. They can be helpful or troublesome, but aren’t aligned to the true fae. They are capable of magics beyond what changelings can achieve, and many are willing to work these abilities for the right price.

The Lunar Market takes place once a month on the waxing gibbous moon. It is run mostly by hobs, though changelings can earn a stall. It is Melbourne’s foremost goblin market with the greatest selection of goods, services and consequences.


Seekers of Prosperity

Stalks-in-Dreams - Cunning predator who walks in the dream world as easily as the wilds. An Oneiromancer and courtier of Spring. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Fox, Cat or Dingo dressed mysteriously or magically

Bones - The best doctor you'll meet, but not one you want to look at. Bones is a Winter healer.(Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: A doctor grosser than the diseases they cure. Maggoty, medical, biological, unsettling.

Mr/Ms/Mx Faust - A wheeling, dealing ogre of the Autumn Court, here to make money and bind pledges. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Primal power caged by business wear. Yeti in Armani. A brute in a suit.

Cookie - Sweets as a lifestyle and the Spring heart of the Motley. They love to bake and love to love.(Reserved)
Costuming suggestion: Flour-covered apron, floral prints and a lovely smile. Potentially a Gingerbread person with knife fingers.

Bourke Street Bunch

Perfection - Melbourne's very own superhero. A valiant defender of truth, justice and looking real hecking hot. Summer court hero looking for team-ups. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: You may need two. One: your mild-mannered (but still hot) alter ego. The other: cape, primary colours, mask, tights a plus but not required.

Whimsy -The Miracle Mechanic... as Perfection likes to call them. Whimsy is a brilliant but dysfunctional member of the Winter Court, as talented as they are paranoid. They're always looking to push the borders of "science". (Reserved)
Costuming suggestion: Pockets full of mechanically miscellanea. Duct-tape and grease.

Two-Brick - Say what you like about Two-Brick, they love their friends. Their friends just wish they would hug a little more gently. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestion: A hulking troll. $5 K-Mart specials, possibly already torn. Shoes optional.

Wombat - Nanny to a wannabe superhero, a paranoid mechanic and the stupidest troll in the freehold, Wombat definitely has the necessary skills to kick ass and take names. Still in their prime, they nonetheless manage to be too old for this bullshit. Summer by court, but not summery by disposition. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestion: No-nonsense work gear: Flannel, jeans, boots made for kicking teeth.

The Turners

Vista - Newly eloped with their partner Teak, and fresh from the Thorns, they're looking to start their happily ever after. Currently courtless. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Dressed to impress as an art style made flesh. Stand-out makeup a definite plus.

Teak - Newly eloped with their partner Vista, and fresh from the Thorns, they're looking to start their happily ever after. Currently courtless. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Be part of the scenery. Plain, neutral clothing.

Trash Glamour

formerly known as The Erotic Collective, formerly known as Horse Rat

Nightingale - Hot punk-rocker with a captivating voice and a sick bass. In a band with Floss and looking for a drummer. A Spring courtier with a taste for the macabre. (Reserved)
Costuming Suggestion: Jeans, black t-shirt, leather wristbands, jewellery, guitar

Floss - Fairy floss with a razor blade in it. Floss is in a band with Nightingale, looking for a drummer and looking for something to deal with all this pet hair stuck to them. A Spring courtier. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Sweet but tough. Pink is a must. Living fairy floss.

Revolution’s Flames

Incendie - Summer’s impassioned force of chaos and change. A candleman dripping hot wax and scorn for the conformist sheeple. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Over-the-top French accent, flame motifs, elaborate bronzes or silvers.

Whistle - They call you a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but only because they're shills for Big Glamour. The red-headed stepchild of the Autumn court. (Reserved)
Costuming Suggestions: Newspapers, trenchcoat, conspicuously inconspicuous.

Chaise - You are a couch. A courtless couch. That no one loves. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Dress all in a single colour or pattern. You are a couch. Maybe have cushions to be more pleasant to sit on.

The Menagerie

Big Daddy/Mama Freak - Owner and ringmaster of Big Daddy/Mama's Freak's Menagerie, Melbourne's largest collection of the weird and wonderful. They're looking for new talent for their latest show. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Flashy period couture. Zoot suit, sequin dress, flapper skirt, giant hat (not all at once).

Trinket - Happiness is found in the shiniest of baubles - especially the ones that aren't yours. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Magpie, crow, rat or ferret with plenty of pack space. Look a bit (or a lot) freaky.

Blank - Shh no talking, cos you ain't got no face. A faceless, voiceless member of the Autumn court.
Costuming suggestions: You don't have a face or a voice. You’ll need another way to communicate. (Reserved)

Motley not here / no motley

Ph'azterriquuzaru-thoth (Terry) - The happiest cephalopod you'll ever meet. Fun, friendly and an Eldritch beast of war, Terry is a Summer courtier looking for a motley.
Costuming suggestions: Lovecraft aesthetic in a sweater vest. (Reserved)

Dr Corrosive - Winter supervillain with a heart of gold. They just want to make a friend.(Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Saturday morning cartoon villain. Lab coat, rubber gloves, scientific ishkabibble.

Angel Valentine - Hip cat here to hook up and make the 70s live again with a new swinger’s pad. Essence of Spring ;) (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Disco will never die, baby. Sexy and comfortable are not mutually exclusive, just like Angel ;)

Picks - Nightmare fuel just looking to get some shopping done. Courtless. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Monster under the bed. Horrifying appearance, dark clothing, creepy.

Stitches - Fairyland's foremost voice in Elven fashions. They’re an enterprising Autumn businesself looking to join a motley. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Prim, proper, pointy, professional.

Constance - Team mom to a bunch of ungrateful shitcakes. A child of Summer here to bitch and shop.(Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Doromov, house elf, brownie. Dressed like you need to clean the house. Roll up your sleeves, tie up your hair and get to work.

Sam - The most dangerous creature in the room. Courtless. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Every day street clothes.

Malice - Satan's spinster aunt. Weapons grade cruelty in a wrinkled old hide. Autumn’s most vicious fearmonger. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Old worn serviceable clothing. Greys and blacks. Shawls, sensible shoes, a bag of disgusting hard candies.

Glory - Regal dragon in a pantsuit and pearls. As splendid and terrible as the high Summer sun. (Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Regal dragon in a pantsuit and pearls. As splendid and terrible as the high Summer sun.

Crystal Glamour - The magic within you is the magic of friendship. Trying to find your mane 6. Courtless... Because you’re not a changeling.(Reserved)
Costuming suggestions: Sparkles, sequins, sweetness and love. Also you're a pony.