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Colony: Antares is a sci-fi LARP about survival on an alien world, it focuses on team-work, resource management, researching new technologies, and political maneuvering for control of a new government.
The game draws inspiration from Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and 4X computer games like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Manage a colony, explore an alien world, and work together to survive or find a way home.


Almost 200 years after the first precursor artifact was discovered beneath the New Arizona Desert (jumping human technology forward centuries), the SS Daedalus, a colony ship containing 12,000 people, illegally sets off from a politically troubled Earth towards the star Antares B. Probe telemetry describes the star's fourth planet as supporting abundant plant life and showing traces of precursor ruins. Determined not to let this opportunity for new discovery go to waste, the colonists settle into hibernation for the long journey through the Jumpgates.

Six months later as the Daedalus approaches orbit around the planet, sabotage crippled the ship leading to the command staff ejecting the four colony modules and the colonists they contain to the surface below.

A few dozen colonists are the first to awaken, revived by the module's built in AI system ODIN-3, it alerts them to the many problems that now lie before them: The generators are failing, power is low and supplies are short. The external sensors and communications systems have been destroyed in the crash so there is no way to contact the other colony modules or to tell what lies outside the relative safety of the module's walls.

As one of these first colonists, your job is to repair the damaged systems, find ways to acquire enough supplies to wake up more of the colonists, and to either build a self-sustaining colony or to escape from this alien world.

The Game

Colony: Antares will be an ongoing monthly LARP featuring three main styles of play: politics, problem solving, and exploration. It will use an optional web app to help track resources and coordinate player action, this app will be treated as IC, representing the players interface with the colony's AI, ODIN-3.

While the game is not expected to be particularly lethal, PC death can occur and venturing forth from the colony module will greatly increase risk.


The game will use many tropes seen in sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek and Stargate. Some tropes seen in these shows are being avoided however.
The setting and narrative will generally follow these rules:

  • Aliens are bumpy-headed humanoids.
  • Technobable and hypertech trumps real science.
  • Time is vague and governed by convenience: technologies can be researched and new buildings constructed in half an hour but nothing important seems to happen between sessions.
  • Languages never get in the way of the plot and everyone seems to speak English... except when languages are the plot.
  • There are no alien half-breeds, at least not by natural means.
  • Real world social issues like equality for gender, race, and sexuality have all been solved decades ago and will not be used. New and completely fictitious prejudices and issues do exist and can be played with more safely.
  • Earth is a single unified political entity, without country boarders and government squabbles. Corporate disagreements and even wars do exist however.


The Precursors
Earth and the Colonies

Antares Mission

The SS Daedelus
The Colony Module
Mission Charter
Native Life Forms


Resource Management
Colony Politics
Tech and Research
Engineering and Construction
System and Combat
Antares Map


Character Creation
Alien Races
Colony Departments

Character List
Character Sheet (Download)