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2101 CE: After a century of war, economic strife and environmental collapse the world has settled into a cold war between several vast and powerful trading blocs. As technology has transformed the way people think, act and exist in a world of dwindling resources it now sets humanity on the cusp of either transformation or extinction.

San Francisco is a chaotic free port on the doorstep of the totalitarian North American State, it is one of the few gateways into, or out of, this environmentally ravaged country. Once used as a way to wall off and detain refugees, it grew into a quasi-autonomous city that is now one of the most important trading cites on the Pacific. While the American empire lays in tatters, their military might and resources make them a hazard that all of the other blocs must navigate and attempt to use to their advantage.

It is a city of intrigue. Agents of the Trade Blocs work against each other as well as to direct the wounded American Dragon to strike their foes. Individuals, gangers and solos attempt to slice out a chunk of the golden city for themselves in the shadow of the political games of the powerful. All the while in the junkyards and flooded ruins of the old city, mankind’s technological offspring has other ideas…

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