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Character's lives do not simply stop between sessions.
These rules represent a summarised account of the everyday life of the characters and allow for creation of items, bartering wares and an indication of the character's everyday activities.
To keep the system as simple as possible most rolls in downtime default to a 10 on a d20 roll (any other rolls will also default to average rounded down).
Downtimes consist of 4 x 5 day working weeks, making 20 days in all.

Actions Available in Downtime (only the listed actions are available):

  • Sell unwanted items - As part of the character's share of treasure from adventures they will sometimes acquire items that they wish to sell. Any item ca be sold for 65% of the price in the book plus an additional 1% per point of an appraise roll (usable untrained, 75% without any modifiers). Selling items takes one full day for any number of items sold.
  • Purchase Items - Characters may purchase items at the price listed in the Ultimate Equipment guide. From time to time prices for various items may alter and will be listed along with the Available Magic Items for the month. When purchasing Magic items all minor items are available, 4d4 random medium items and 3d4 random major items. Purchasing items takes a full day but may be combined with Selling unwanted items (one day for both).
  • Healing - As long as a character get 8 hours rest a day they should be fully healed between sessions. Diseases and some ability damage may impair the character's ability to perform other downtime actions. STs should be able to inform you how much of your downtime is taken up if any.
  • Practice a Craft/Profession/Performance - The default action for characters (at their highest score). Characters will earn a number of silver pieces equal to the result of the skill check each day (10+modifier). This means if a character works all 20 days for the downtime they will earn 2x the check result in gold.
  • Other skills - Sleight of hand, Linguistics, Survival and Heal can be used to earn money at half the rate of Crafts, Professions or Performances (1/2 the result in silver per day, check result in gold per downtime). Heal may be used in addition to the Profession (Herbalism) skill every day either is practiced.
  • Creating items - Normal items may be made as per the rules under the appropriate craft skill in the Core Rules Book, using the "Progress by the Day" optional rule with 5 days in a week.
  • Train Animals - Animal Handling may be used to train animals during downtime. Note that a trained animal will usually sell for a higher amount than an untrained one.
  • Create Magic items - The usual rules for creating magical items apply except that it takes 1 day to create the item for every 25gp + 25gp/creator's caster level in the price of its magical features. Characters with an item creation feat may also purchase items they could create with that feat at standard price without regard to availability (through apprentices, industry contacts or even chronomancy). For items that take less than a day to create (like potions and scrolls) multiple items may be crafted in a day, but any day in which crafting is performed uses that entire day.
  • Learn spells - Learning a spell from a spell book (or familiar for witches) or scroll takes 1 hour per spell level (even if the roll is unsuccessful). 1 work day is taken up for each 8 hours or portion of 8 hours that is spent learning spells.
  • Trade with PCs - This "action" is to report to the Storytellers the exchange of money and goods between PCs. It takes no time.

An additional Story action is available each month for players that wish to use it.
This action is intended to allow further investigation of plot or to develop personal goals and should be a single, reasonably broad action undertaken by the character which can be answered in about a paragraph.
The results of these actions will be both emailed and included in the player handouts at the beginning of each session.

Please include the following in your downtime and send it to
Character name:
Action (Number of days):

If you wish to set up a default action please indicate this.
Downtimes and downtime reporting occurs between every session except after the prelude at Camp.
Please return downtimes on or before one week prior to the session they are for.

Available Magic Items