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(This game is no longer running)



A game set in the Firefly Universe

In the five years after the Unification war, little has actually changed.The fighting has stopped, but the war is now fought in peoples’ hearts and minds. The border planets still bear raw scars of war, some etched on the bodies of its people.

On the Rim Worlds the fight for survival goes on. In the Core the focus on the war has faded, or at least until the attack. A gas attack upon the Parliament, the heart of the Alliance, has brought thoughts of war back to the surface. Now, however the enemy is less obvious. Already there are those suggesting where the giant should strike...

In the meantime, there are those that ply the lanes between worlds, out in the Black. Some are mere merchants, others adventurers, some who are on the run from darker pasts. Regardless of their stories, those who do so rely on their wits, their skills and, most importantly, their crew mates for their survival. Often seen as outsiders, this breed have a tough life, and often find themselves embroiled in the heart of the conflicts rapidly reaching boiling point across the 'Verse.

Grab your Browncoat and join us...

Freedom is a multiform game set in the Firefly Universe (using the Serenity Roleplaying Game rules) but does not involve the story or characters from the TV series or the movie.
Knowledge of the genre is a help, but not required. It will be based around a number of crews of different ships, each with their own story, goals and relationship to the rapidly developing situation in the 'Verse. Each of these crews will take part in the simultaneous tabletop game. These games will be joined at different times to events that crews can all attend (a freeform game), held roughly every two months.
The story arc is intended to last for 12 months with an option to extend if we are all having fun!