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This Frequently Asked Question page covers general questions about our operations and the hobby in general.

What is a Live Action Role-Playing game (or LARP)?
LARPs often resemble games such as "How to Host a Murder", each player takes on the role of a character in the story, usually with a set of short term or long term goals. The aim is for each player to immerse themselves in the world, to adopt the persona of the character they are portraying. Player say what their characters would say and do (where safe) what their characters would do.
In many ways, LARPs take on an element of improvised theater with the story evolving based on the actions of the players.

What is a Storyteller/Game Master?
Whilst players portray a single character in each game they play, Storytellers (STs or Game Masters GMs) are the dedicated people who bring everything else to life. The storyteller describes the environment in which the story takes place, portrays any characters that are not played by players and acts as a referee for determining the results of conflict between characters.
In short, the storyteller tells the story that the players are immersing themselves in and runs the game that the players are playing.

Can I play anything I like?
The ST teams of each Chronicle are the final arbiters of characters and what will and will not be allowed. In principle Caligo Mundi is happy to allow its members to explore the myriad options available within game genres to them when playing, but also be aware that most games have specific themes and moods so keep that in mind when making characters.

Where can I look for more information?
The items in the menu on the left of the screen provide an overview of the various games.
Addresses and other important details for games in progress are found in the Game Calendar.
Other information may be found on out Useful Links page.