Girl Genius: University of Paris

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Idea for the Game

Each of the characters in the game will be students attending the University of Paris during the rule of the Storm King. Events will occur during normal class time at a time of relative peace in Europa. This simply means that you can travel some distance before you are likely to come across a legion of weaponized butterfly's or giant mechanical War Toads, for this is the Europa of Sparks - the world of Girl Genius!

The University of Paris
Famous across Europa as a hallowed hall of learning, is a glittering Jewel amoungst many in the famed city of Paris. As everyone knows, Simone Voltaire, the Master of Paris is a major force within the politics of Europa and a major supporter of the Andronicus Valois, Storm King, ruler of much of Europa and enemy of the thrice dreaded Heterodynes.

The World of Girl Genius is populated by..... "gifted" individuals, geniuses with a gift for science and engineering that borders on magical. In fact, few others can even copy any of their work, such is their mastery of the technical arts. The major problems is - their completely nuts. Well, that is not completely true, their craziness often doesn't start out too serious, more simply odd. But as their mastery of their chosen specialty grows, so does their eccentricity. They also all share the ability to enter what is commonly known (and feared) as "Spark space" - a special mental state, often defined by manic behavior, where the Spark works their highest order of genius with their creations. In addition to taking the Spark into a special state of genius, this Spark state has a significant effect on the people around them, as many find themselves caught up by the infectious enthusiasm that dominates weaker minds at times gather a small army of followers who help the Spark with what ever their strange (and at times twisted) creation.

Abominations of Science a.k.a "Creations"
Most of the Sparks creations are short lived - many have inherent flaws that mean that they self destruct or are so anti-social that other Sparks and others unite to destroy them. Rarely, however, there are exceptions that survive the test of time as well as the rivalries of other Sparks. These few are often enslaved by the more successful Sparks, but as they are often created with no ability to age, they can survive past the masters. These creatures have wildly divergent abilities often being truly unique creature. Always built for some purpose they often have powerful abilities, well beyond those that a mere human can possibly have.

"Normal" students a.k.a Minons
While there are Sparks and Creations are in the classes offered by the University, there are also many "ordinary" humans. The word "ordinary" is used very loosely here as most students are highly exceptional, often with extensive previous training and experience. Students require a degree of sponsorship from powerful and influential groups within Europa or an enormously standout talent. The University of Paris specializes in Science and there are few institutions that can hope to match it, so all students come to become part of the Science course (or to sabotage it).

Secret Organizations
The world of Girl Genius is positively infested with secret organizations. With many powerful Sparks (often literally) raging across the landscape it is often best to be unnoticed. It is also a key to being effective as few can oppose the power of Sparks in an open confrontation. This results in many organizations perfecting stealth and intrigue. Other organizations serve the Sparks directly. Examples of these organizations are:

  • The Immortal Library - radical bibliophiles (extreme librarians)
  • The Smoke Knights - secret supporters of the Storm King
  • Corbettite Monks - a religious order in charge of various railway systems

Feel free to make up your own!