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(This game is no longer running)

Houses of the Blooded - Caligo Mundi Edition


What is Houses of the Blooded?
Houses of the Blooded is an RPG designed by John Wick (of L5R and 7th Sea fame). It encourages roleplaying over rules, utilising a system modeled on FATE.
The game focuses on a pre-Atlantean race of nobility called the Ven.
The Ven are cruel, romantic, proud, and tragic.
Their lives take on an operatic sense of exaggeration which this game tries to emulate.
Primarily, Houses of the Blooded is not about what is fair, but rather about what is dramatic.
In a freeform situation, Houses of the Blooded is perfect for portraying the interactions, diplomacy and infighting between powerful characters.

The game sessions will focus on Characters, Situations and Relationships.
Drama and performance of epic proportions are not only encouraged but demanded.

After a year long run Houses of the Blooded will now be run on a less regular basis starting with the Weekend of Gaming (March Long Weekend 2011) stay tuned for further information

Basic Background
The Ven were an antediluvian, pre-Atlantic race mentioned in works such as the Voynich Manuscript and Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine.
There are a number of Houses which the Ven belong or are 'Blooded' to

A costume will assist you in becoming the Ven Noble that is your character,
Most costuming suitable for Vampire, 7th Sea or other game can be used as long as it brings a sense of History, Meaning, Dignity and Nobility to the setting.
Where possible avoid black and the Ven NEVER wear yellow; there are reasons for this as those colours have generally negative associations.