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The Idea Box is a space in which you can build ideas for games and events.
It's good for brainstorming, creating drafts and rough plans, or just storing ideas you want to remember.

Everything in the Idea Box is completely unofficial and subject to change without notice.
No idea put here is necessarily going to run as a game and some may never run.
Likewise putting an idea here isn't a commitment on you to ever take that idea any further, you can just say "hey wouldn't this be cool?" and leave it as that.

All games require approval by the board before being run as official Caligo Mundi games, but this space serves as a place where you can work out your ideas ahead of time and can help convey the idea to the board.


  • Feel free to make new pages and link them below.
  • Don't modify other people's ideas without checking with them first.
  • Discussion of ideas should take place on facebook, ideally on our Idea Incubator page
  • Don't assume that anything posted here is official, canon, or will ever be run.

Game Ideas

Links to ideas for new games, settings, characters and other related stuff.

Shadow in the Warp Lance Mansutti Set in the Warhammer 40k universe, the inhabitants of a four-planet system find themselves cut off from the rest of the Imperium of Man and in the path of a ravenous alien hive fleet able to devour all their worlds unless they work to get their defences up, but time is not on their side.
[ Game of Dragons ] Simon Al-Nakat A game where the players are the dragons.
Rat Packs Richard Stern A dystopian sci-fi game about gang warfare.
The Order Richard Stern Urban fantasy, an alternative to WoD.
Paranoia Richard Stern A one-off Paranoia game.
Harlston Manor Richard Stern A one-off mystery game set in an old English Manor.
Owlsmore Duncan H Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 162,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government. What the muggles do not know is amongst them were 1,000 dark witches and wizards, and their Auror guards. As with the muggle population, these wizards and witches married, began families, and started their lives again. The 2016/17 class of Owlsmore Secondary Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry are returning to school. But Headmistress Heather Furymont seems extra security conscious, and there are many students not returning this year. - Owlsmore is a game focusing on the equivalent year 11 and 12 of the Australian Hogwarts. It will focus on character driven play, social interaction, engaging plots, and flexible rules designed to facilitate narrative play.
The Show Must Go On Fi McConachie The tales and adventures of a traveling circus who fight evil - set as an historical piece in the Buffyverse
The Lightest Touch Darren Crosbie Urban Psi-Fi mashup set in the Talents McCafferyverse circa 'To Ride Pegasus'/'Pegasus in Flight'.
Nations! Duncan H A game of world politics and drama influenced heavily by Nationstates, X-com and Civilization. No, seriously.
Shadowrun: Melbourne Free State Paul Stephenson In Awakened Melbourne, one of the few Australian bastions that is free of the savage Mana-Storm, Megacorps pay premium Nuyen for a foothold into the meta-resource rich Continent of Australis. There is always work to be done when running in the shadows, whether it be corporations looking for advantage outside of the law, or radicals looking for justice in a cruel world. So chrome up, jack in or chant to the great spirits: Because there is a city waiting for those who have the ambition.
Dune: The Spice Wars Fi McConachie Set in a distant future, with warring factions, strange powers and a fear of machines...highly likely to never be as good as the books
12 Nights in the Savage Garden Travis Hall Inspired by something said to me at a party this evening, so obviously needs development. Changeling: the Lost. The characters share a Keeper, and she maintains a lien on each of them. Every day, and 353 nights of the year, they are free, living their own lives in their own home towns around the world. But one night each month, their Keeper pulls them back to a special place in the Hedge. There, in the Garden, the changelings plot and plan and deal amongst themselves. Each courtier of the Garden has their own agenda. Who seeks escaped, complete freedom from the Keeper? Who seeks to appease her? Who seeks power over the Garden Court itself? Or do they have more personal agendas? And whatever it is that you want, who will pay the cost of it? Because nothing comes cheap in the Garden.
Dinotopia Laura Wilkinson Dinosaurs! humans! Living together on a Renaissance-solar-punk island.
Fallout: The Fate of 58 Adrian Melchiori It's Fallout, still working on most things, but it's everyone's favourite post-apoc setting. I am going to kill you with a teddy bear fired from a railgun...
Girl Genius: University of Paris Adam Raymond/Random Jones/Sarah Western University is so boring. Prac classes, lectures, assignment after assignment, explosions, marauding armies of carrot men... What could possible go wrong at a University for Mad Scientists, Talented Individuals, and various Abominations of Science!
Four Seasons Aaron Fenwick A set of four one off games each conceptually related to one of the four seasons. Would potentially include A Raypunk game, a Kindred of the East based WoD game, A game with Mages but not a Mage(tm) game and a Cyberpunk conclusion.

Event Ideas

Links to ideas for OOC events like boardgame days, gaming weekends, camps, etc.

None yet...