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This Game Is No Longer Running

Imperium Bel Canto Secundi

The Empire is old and decadent, spanning roughly a thousand star systems with inefficiency and bureaucracy on every level of its rule. While a world of origin is but a legend of the past. It is a place that caters for every kind of vice or extravagance, that is if you have the coin to afford such things. The ones that can afford such things is mostly the noble class who strut their castles, mansions and promenades in a display of gluttony and personnel gratification. Disputes are common and usually settled with the sword in a formal arena duel. All the while pooling their resources of multiple worlds and trading information to try and gain an edge for their Houses.

The empire is composed of five great Houses and a League of smaller ones who via for dominance carrying out century old grudges and creating new ones. Presiding over them all is Empress Paradomia whose rule is not as absolute as it once was. For it is now an open secret that she has ruled for longer than living memory because she is herself an alien species. This knowledge has led to the loosening of the old some what xenophobic attitudes of the empire of old, though open aliens are still a rare sight. Some of the Houses are fanatically loyal to her while others are of the opinion that she must eventually be replaced but by what?

It has been ten years since the leveling of the Imperial administration capital, by aliens from the void of warp space and the Empire has recovered The Empress commands the largest armies and fleets by far. Although it would appear that some Houses have caught up with the Imperials in wartime technology while others have developed strange new ones. Impending change can be sensed making these times more dangerous than ever.

Imperium Bel Canto is operatic and cinematic style game set in the far future. It is virtually systemless with dispute resolution based upon the description of your character. It will be held once a month.

Setting Document
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Galactic History
Year One Background
Known Characters

House Ferox
House Epicurus
House Dewega
House Aspergillos
House Hashshashim

Minor Houses of Note

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