Laundry Files: The Vespertine Amendments

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"By the abjuration of Dee and the name of Claude Dansey I hereby exercise subsection D paragraph sixteen clause twelve and bind you to service from now and forevermore.
Right, that's it. You're drafted, and may whatever deity you believe in have mercy on your soul."
- The Concrete Jungle

The Laundry Files is a series of spy thriller books written by Charles Stross and set during the Lovecraftian Singularity: a time when the stars align and the barriers of our universe begin to thin allowing all manner of unspeakable extra-dimensional horror to leak into our world. Magic is mathematics and spells can be cast by computers. Ancient powers dwell in the ocean and lurk deep in the Earth, brooding over their own plans for surviving the Singularity. Despite the magnitude of these horrors they are at least native to this universe, unlike the even greater horrors lurking outside, waiting for someone to invite them in.

Although the game features a Cthulhu-themed backdrop, the setting remains primarily a spy thriller, focusing on gadgets, secret agencies, blackmail and inter-departmental betrayal. Inefficient bureaucracy is also a major theme and characters are usually under-trained and under-funded to face the threats before them.

The Vespertine Amendments will be an ongoing LARP set in the Laundry Files setting, in which players play as the agents of Capital Laundry Services, the British secret government agency dedicated to protecting the world from extra-dimensional horrors and international espionage.

Game Structure

The game will run monthly and will feature 11 sessions divided into 3 chapters. Some games will be structured as missions while others will be set at seminars or corporate functions and will have a more social focus.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Mission 1 Mission 1 Mission 1
Mission 2 Mission 2 Mission 2
Mission 3 Mission 3 Mission 3
Seminar 1 Seminar 2


History of the Capital Laundry Services
The Lovecraftian Singularity
Magic and Mathematics


Black Chamber
Thirteenth Directorate
Direction Centrale de la Securite Extraordinaire (DCRI)

Laundry Field Departments (Playable)

Plumbers - Tactical units and clean up crews, they are called in when things get really bad.
Occult Forensics - Investigators who use occult means to find clues and uncover murderers.
Computational Demonology - Sorcerers who develop and seek to expand magical theory.
Counter-Possession Unit - Deal with detecting cult activity, dealing with possession, and ensuring Laundry staff don't become corrupted.
Archives - Librarians and record keepers. Some of the few willing to venture down into the Nightmare Stacks which are inhabited by zombies and worse.

Other Departments (NPC only)

Mahogany Row - The Laundry's upper management, swathed in mystery.
HR Department - The Laundry has an extensive (some would say bloated) HR department.
The Auditors - Those who monitor mission failures and assess agent negligence, no one wants to end up in front of the Auditors.
Black Azzises - Even more terrifying, the Black Azzises deals with agents who use their abilities maliciously or for personal gain.
OCCULUS - NATO's occult tactical strike unit for when a problem is too big even for the Plumbers.
Counter-Subversion - Laundry Internal Affairs, watching for mundane corruption and treachery.
Contracts & Bindings - A subdepartment of Legal, these people have their fingers in a lot of schemes.
Q Division - The boffins and inventors who prototype new devices for the Laundry agents.
Armoury - The keepers of the firearms, armour, eldritch artifacts and tools of the trade that many agents find essential for their work.
The Miscellany - Housing, Catering, the Laundry is full of places to store people in.
The Weather Service - Predictions and prognostications. They only have a 30% success rate but when they're right, they'll save your life.

Occult Lore



Character Creation
Merits and Flaws
Training Courses


Character List (Also lists limited slots available)
Documents and Paperwork
Status List

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