Legend of the Five Rings: The Obsidian Council

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There is war in the Ivory Kingdoms, as the great Clans, freed from the Emperors decree that they shall not fight in Rokugan, vie to dominance in this new land. Foremost amongst the combatants are the rivals from the very founding of the Emerald Empire: the Lion and the Crane. All of this has reached a new peak with the recent news of the Crane Clan Champions assassination. The Crane accuse the Lion of this heinous deed, something that the Lion have refused to even acknowledge.

The Imperial families have been sending sternly worded missives to the Great Clans, warning them against the war that now seems imminent. Thus, it came as less of a surprise to most, when a messenger arrived from the Dragon Clan, requesting council of all of the Great Clans to discuss the issue of the conflict in the Ivory Kingdoms. The fact that the messenger was a Jade magistrate shows that this is a message supported by the Emperor himself.

OOC: The players are senior diplomats from their clans, each charged by their lords with seeking the best outcome for their clan. Clans will send courtiers, bushi and shugenja to this meeting, trying to seek dominance in the Ivory Kingdoms. Spider clan is unavailable as a PC clan.


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