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Written by Andrew Smith
(A single session game - ran in 2012)

The Great Mozart demands a new libretto, but celebrated dramatist Lorenzo da Ponte has writer’s block. Despondent and deep in his cups, he dreams, and the characters who inhabit the dream skerry of Semiseria play for him.

In the court of Count Rodolfo, a noble of Semiseria, his poetic son Leandro is seeking Isabella (or was it Clarice?), a lost noblewoman with whom he had fallen in love. Meanwhile, Joselina, the daughter of Rodolfo's ambitious butler Ernano is betrothed to Don Giovanni, a prince of Semiseria, but loves Scaramouche, a valiant captain in the army.

Meanwhile, Don Pasquale, a rascally nobleman, and his equally rascally servant Ruffio, may have met their match in the Count's haughty daughter Marcellina, and her equally haughty maid Primrose.

Meanwhile, the astrologer Dottore Malvolio has seen in the stars that Rodolfo's plot to seize the throne of Semiseria is coming to a crisis, and who knows what the gypsy witch Esmerelda and her son Jochimo are up to?


A single session freeform for 20 stock characters. Tragedy. Comedy. Romance. Mistaken identities. Long lost relatives. Duels. Revenge. Treachery. Death scenes. Ghosts. Maybe a marriage or two.

No singing necessary. Costuming will be appreciated.

Character List:
Isabella.jpg Joselina.jpg

Character Booked:
Malvolio.jpg Clarice.jpg Scaramouche.jpg Leandro.jpg Jochimo.jpg Marcellina.jpg Primrose.jpg Pasquale.jpg Ernano.jpg Pilcrow.jpg Ruffio.jpg Pulcina.jpg Oscar.jpg Count.jpg Giovanni.jpg Valentin.jpg Esmerelda.jpg Countess.jpg