Mage 20th: Ascension Training

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This game is currently on hold

'The Ascension War is coming to Melbourne. It may rage on around the world, but in twelve months, it will be more than on our doorstep, it will be on our streets, and in our homes. We know it's coming. We know it will hit Melbourne and spread like wildfire from there. And that's why the training facility has been set up. That's why there are so many Magi here. But we can't just train soldiers. Willworkers need to have exactly that, Will. The best we can do is tell them what's coming, and give them the ability to access knowledge, to access training, to see that they make of themselves. One of the cabals will find the key to save us, we just can't see which one it is yet.
Any God who may be listening, have mercy.'

Veronica Futures, Cult of Ecstacy Council Member.

Ascension Training is a 12 game Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Game, built around the idea of training and working together. It is open to new and old players alike, and has a heavy focus on paradigm and learning.


House Rules
Character Creation
Character Sheet
Excel-based Character Sheet (Download version 1.04)

Casting Quick Guide
Spheres Quick Guide
Paradox Guide
Seekings Guide

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