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This FAQ concerns itself with listing questions about prospective and actual membership of Caligo Mundi.
All Coordinators and Directors are invited to add questions that they have been often asked in order to assist others who may be wondering about the same thing.

I’m under 18. Can I play?
Unfortunately, Caligo Mundi is an organisation that operates largely on licensed premises and deals with adult themes. It also holds public indemnity insurance for the protection of its members which has certain restrictions on its operations. For these reasons, you must be over 18 years of age to participate in Caligo Mundi events.

I'm over 18. How do I get involved?
You can contact us via email or our facebook page or simply turn up to the next session that you are interested in.
Membership is free and you can sign up through our online Membership Form.
We charge $5 per session to cover the cost of renting the venues and hosting special events, but you do need to be a member to play.

Can I bring a new player along?
Even if someone has never roleplayed before, but are happy to NPC or just watch, bring them along. They will not be able to participate unless they are over 18 years old however.
The Membership Director is the principle contact for these sort of questions and they'll help the new player settle in and once they're established, deal with membership issues.

If a new person wants to play, contact the game's GM team to find out about character creation. any new character will need to be checked when it's ready (or at the session), but make sure that there is at least a basic concept with some IC links, preferably to your character if they are your friend (as this will make them more at ease).

If they don't want to play in an a regular manner or are just visiting it is highly likely that there will be NPCs that can be portrayed. NPC players tend to get a lot of latitude in how they operate, and they should have character sheets and character history and goals to work from. The event GMs should also give them a list of tasks to perform during the session.

Notice to the GM team that someone extra will be attending a session would be appreciated.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment for all people interested in gaming

So how can I help at sessions?
At every session, there is a lot to do and if you are new to the hobby, it can be a bit daunting and difficult to work out what you can do to help, or indeed, whether you should help at all.

Jobs that will need doing at every session are:

  • Set / Room re-ordering and decorating
  • Coordination of the Out of Character (OOC) area
  • Setting up of an area for the sign in sheets and other administrative forms
  • Set / Room re-ordering and deconstruction (at the end of the session)
  • General clean up, including clearing of plates and glasses

These jobs may be more, or less, labour intensive depending upon the genre and particular session, but will always need to be done.
Firstly, helping out is a great way to get to know other people, so dive in. There is rarely a right or wrong way to do anything as long as you stick to the general objectives of the coordinators and storytelling teams.
Secondly, helping to set up gets things started faster, and that means more game time - that's why you came, right?
Lastly, helping to pack up allows the coordinators and storytellers to rest and get to the bar faster, and that means that they are far calmer and are much nicer people when you are all relaxing over a drink after the session - and that's got to be worthwhile, hasn't it?

Is there a Code of Conduct (CoC)or guidelines in place?
As we are an organisation with a wide range of Members from diverse backgrounds, it is important to consider how we all respectfully interact with each other. We have a Code of Conduct in place, and the current version can be found Caligo-Code-of-Conduct. This Policy is currently under review and may change at any time.

Some games or events may require further guidance in this space, and when such provision is required, additions will be made. Examples include the CoC relating to Camp Caligo, which can be found here, or the additional arrangements servicing the use of Facebook as explored within the recent GenX Campaign.

Can I become a Storyteller / Games Master?
Caligo Mundi was set up to encourage a diversity of role-playing and encourages all members to try out all aspects of the hobby that they are interested in. If you are interested in running a game follow the link here and also speak to the Program Coordinator.

Can I become a member of the Board?
From time to time there may be a need for additional or replacement Directors of Caligo Mundi. All Directors are appointed without portfolio (i.e. there is no specific role for each appointee, although this may come later) with the exception of the Chair and the Company Secretary. Where a need for a new or alternate Director is identified, the Board will request and consider suitable applications using the process set out in the Constitution. All appointments to the Board of Directors are made at the absolute discretion of the Board.