Noirlandia: Greater Occulton

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Greater Occulton is a city of lies.

This town used to be famous for its grand illusions; powered by our network of ley-lines, it seemed anything was possible. In Greater Occulton you could be anyone or anything you wanted to be with the wave of a hand & the right piece of land. And then - the magic ban came down.

For two years the city has been “magic free.” Ask any of the officials in this town, there most certainly aren’t lavish Arcane Balls behind the doors of the manor houses in Oroboros Downs. Nor are there any more of those underground Magick Bars run by the penniless scoundrels of Old Wellspring. And there is certainly no-one who is violently unhappy with the status quo.

Yeah, Greater Occulton is a city of lies, but the wrong one may just be the spark that sets the whole city aflame...

Storytellers: Gavan Keamy & Sean Ogden

Some Important Notes

Noirlandia is a game by Evan Rowland and can be found at Make Big Things. The game is designed as a GMless, improvised one-shot for 3-4 players.
Sean and Gavan are experimenting here, trying to upscale the game and run multiple stories in parallel. This could be fantastic or it could go terribly, consider yourself warned.
The nature of Noirlandia is that it is improvised - we've taken care of the broad strokes for world creation but everything else is in your hands. This includes the answers to the murder mysteries you will be trying to solve - your STs will support you, but the narrative is far more open than some of the games you may be used to.
Finally, this game is a Noir story. That means the characters will be battered, broken and disgraced over the course of the investigation and they may well not see justice done even after everything they have gone through. Noir stories are tragedies more often than not. Be prepared for your character to lose & enjoy their slow spiral into destruction.

If you are willing to play something experimental, that will stretch your improvisation & creative input, & may end in you utterly failing to solve the mystery, then welcome aboard. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

The Game

Noirlandia: Greater Occulton, is a game of multiple, parallel, improvised murder mysteries in a 1920s-esque urban fantasy setting. If you are clever, lucky and willing to sacrifice you may see justice done. Otherwise, the city is liable to come crashing down around your head and the truth will be lost forever...

Since most of the game and world is created during play we don't have a lot of background fluff or character briefs to give you. In fact, the vast majority what we have pre-defined about the world is in that blurb at the top.
So here's the rundown:

  • Greater Occulton is a city somewhere in the Pacific North West of the US. Think 1920's Chicago/New York.
  • Deception is the corruption gnawing at the heart of this city.
  • Magic is real & Greater Occulton used to be a hotspot for Illusion magicks.
  • "Used to be" is the operative phrase, as Greater Occulton is currently in the middle of Magick Prohibition.
  • Just like prohibition in our world, this hasn't really stopped anyone. The powerful use money and influence to get the law to look the other way, and everyone else gets their fix through less legal means.
  • Essentially imagine a darker/grittier version of New York from Fantastic Beasts & you'll have a solid idea of Greater Occulton.

The Districts

There are four districts in the city, they are (and their rough equivalent)

District Rough Equivalent Details
Oroboros Downs Upper Crust Manor houses, lavish masquerade balls & the best of anything and everything money or power affords can all be found in Oroboros Downs.
5th Street Downtown The bustling metropolitan heart of the city, skyscrapers reaching up into the blue and speakeasies hidden underneath.
Old Wellspring Skid Row Until the prohibition, Old Wellspring was the magical heart of the city. Now it's home to the desperate & the criminals of the city and is patrolled regularly by the police.
Occulton Limits Outskirts The edge of the city proper, the most citizens live, work and die here. It used to be quite nice but now that the magic has gone everything has lost its shine.

The Characters

The characters in Noirlandia are randomly generated. We've rolled up *30* characters, expecting that most of them will go unplayed. Let us know if there is anyone that you particularly want to play, or we can randomly assign you one when the game starts.

Characters are made up of three parts:

  • Their Identity - who they are and what they do. Private Eye, Cop, Aristocrat etc.
  • Where they Operate - each character works out of one of the city's four districts. You can move around freely (to begin with) but where you work influences what you do and how you do it.
  • The Principle that guides them - this is the one rule your character doesn't want to break. They might, in order to succeed in their investigation - but their story will not end well if they do.

Identity Operates From Guiding Principle Claimed
Aristocrat/Heir/Heiress Oroboros Downs Never betray my own
Cop/Deputy Occulton Limits Never harm another
Writer/Journalist Old Wellspring Live always with dignity ---Yes---
Salesperson/Industrialist Occulton Limits Never reveal my true self
Mastermind/Schemer Oroboros Downs Tell no lie
Mastermind/Schemer Occulton Limits Never reveal my true self
Actor/Performer Oroboros Downs Live always with dignity
Government Agent/Intelligence 5th Street Live always with dignity
Mobster/Local Bigwig Occulton Limits Tell no lie
Assassin/Hired Gun Occulton Limits Justice must be done
Assassin/Hired Gun 5th Street Tell no lie ---Yes---
Former Detective/Officer Oroboros Downs Tell no lie
Writer/Journalist 5th Street Never reveal my true self
Cop/Deputy Oroboros Downs Justice must be done
Former Detective/Officer Occulton Limits Never betray my own
Government Agent/Intelligence Occulton Limits Justice must be done ---Yes---
Actor/Performer Old Wellspring Never betray my own
Assassin/Hired Gun Oroboros Downs Justice must be done
Private Eye Occulton Limits Never harm another
Mastermind/Schemer Old Wellspring Justice must be done
Out-of-towner 5th Street Never reveal my true self ---Yes---
Urchin/Vagabond Old Wellspring Live always with dignity
Out-of-towner Old Wellspring Live always with dignity
Actor/Performer 5th Street Tell no lie
Urchin/Vagabond 5th Street Never reveal my true self
Private Eye Oroboros Downs Tell no lie
Writer/Journalist Oroboros Downs Never harm another
Salesperson/Industrialist Old Wellspring Live always with dignity ---Yes---
Aristocrat/Heir/Heiress Occulton Limits Justice must be done
Mobster/Local Bigwig Old Wellspring Never betray my own