Planescape Character Creation

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Character Creation

Editable PDF character sheet:

Ability Scores

Each character receives 20 points (High Fantasy level) to spend on increasing his basic attributes. In this method, all attributes start at a base of 10. A character can increase an individual score by spending some of their points. Likewise, they can gain more points to spend on other scores by decreasing one or more of their ability scores. No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method. See the following Table for the costs of each score. After all the points are spent, apply any racial modifiers the character might have.

Ability Score Costs

Score Points Score Points
7 -4 13 3
8 -2 14 5
9 -1 15 7
10 0 16 10
11 1 17 13
12 2 18 17


Players can choose from the following races for their character
(each race has been adjusted to 11 Race points using the Race builder from the Advanced Race Guide):

Aasimar Gnome Ifrit Vanara
Catfolk Goblin Orc Vishkanya
Dhampir Grippli Oread Modron
Drow Half-Elf Ratfolk Atomie
Dwarf Half-Orc Suli Kitsune
Elf Halfling Sylph
Fetchling Hobgoblin Tengu
Githyanki Human Tiefling
Githzeri Kobold Undine

For descriptions of the races please consult or these entries for [Githyanki], [Githzerai], [Modrons] and [Atomies].

Character Classes & Archetypes

A character can take as many archetypes as they wish as long as no two archetypes replace the same class feature.
Some Archetypes are not used or are altered for game balance and for ease of play (see Unused Rules for a list).
Available Classes (archetypes are listed on Class pages):

Alchemist Barbarian Bard Cavalier
Cleric Druid Fighter Gunslinger
Inquisitor Magus Monk Oracle
Paladin Ranger Rogue Sorcerer
Summoner Witch Wizard

Prestige Classes

Arcane Archer Eldritch Knight Battle Herald Nature Warden
Arcane Trickster Loremaster Holy Vindicator Stalwart Defender
Assassin Mystic Theurge Horizon Walker
Dragon Disciple Pathfinder Chronicler Master Chymist
Duelist Shadow Dancer Master Spy


Although characters are allowed to be of any alignment, evil characters should be subtle about expressing their alignment.

Hit Points

Characters gain full hitpoints at 1st level (as per the Core Rules) and the average (rounded up) of their hit dice for each level after. These figures are modified by their constitution, favored class bonus (if this option is selected) and the Toughness Feat.
d6 = 4hp
d8 = 5hp
d10 = 6hp
12 = 7hp

Character Traits

The Advanced Players Guide gives a system of character traits which we will be using.
Characters gain 2 traits at creation (3 for humans) which cannot be changed during play.
Regional Traits require that the character has spent at least a year in that environment.
Religious Traits must apply to your patron deity (although you do not need to be a divine caster to take them) and characters can only have 1 patron Deity at a time. If your patron deity changes the trait is NOT refunded, but could become active again if your patron deity qualifies for it.
As long as they qualify for them characters may have as many traits from a category as they wish to allocate except for Fction Sympathiser traits of which they may have only 1.
Please note the difference between "Race traits" (part of this system available to certain races) and "Racial Traits" (Race's abilities and powers not part of this system).
The Campaign traits given in the Advanced Players Guide are not being used as they were designed for a different Campaign. See Traits below for Sigil specific Traits.


Experience and Items

All characters start at 3rd level and will increase in level every 2 sessions.
Characters start with 3,000 gp worth of equipment.

Even if a player misses a session characters gain money each session.
If you miss a session please consult the following table to see how much money your character gains.
Also included a total for new characters by session that they start.

Session Gold for missed session Gold for new character
1 1125gp (3000gp)
2 1125gp
3 1687gp 5sp
4 1687gp 5 sp
5 2062gp 5sp
6 2062gp 5sp 7687gp 5sp
7 2812gp 5sp 9750gp
8 2812gp 5s 12562gp 5sp
9 3562gp 5sp 15375gp
10 3562gp 5sp 18937gp 5sp
11 4875gp 22500gp