Planescape Sigil

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The Lady's Ward

The Knights of The Lady's Ward

The Noble District

The High Houses

The City Barracks

The Court

The Prison

The Armory

Temples of the Lady's Ward

The Lady's Ward houses half of the Temples in the City.
These Temples are generally dedicated to the more influential of the Powers. Pantheon heads, deities of travel and great creators (among others) all have their Temples in the Lady's Ward.
Some examples of these Powers:

  • P'tah, the opener of Ways
  • Io the Dragon King
  • Brahman the Creator
  • Shang-ti
  • Corellon Larethian,
  • Gruumsh
  • the Lords of the Nine (the high-ups among the baatezu, rulers of the layers of Baator)
  • Odin
  • Moradin Dwarffather
  • Gar1 Glittergold
  • Primus
  • Maglubiyet,
  • Zeus
  • Muamman Duathal the dwarf wanderer
  • Baravar Cloakshadow of the gnomes
  • Koriel of the ki-rin
  • Dian- castra of the giants and titans
  • Zivlyn of Krynn
  • Daragor the shape-shifter

The Lower Ward

The Clerk's Ward

The Market Ward

The Three Rules (remember the rule of three) of the Market:

  • Sometimes, it is better to know nothing at all than to half-know a lot.
  • You order it, you own it.
  • The easiest way to make a forune is through the gullibility of others.

The Guildhalls


Stores and restaurants

  • Imel's Happy Tongue
  • Severed Head Weapons

The Hive (Ward)