Sangfroid Attributes

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Power Finesse Resistance
Physical Strength Dexterity Stamina
Mental Intelligence Wits Resolve
Social Presence Manipulation Composure

Power is the degree of effect that your character has on others and his
surroundings. The higher his score, the smarter, more potent or more imposing
he is. Intelligence, Strength and Presence therefore apply when your character
seeks to force himself on his environment.
Finesse is a measure of your characterÕs capacity to interact with the world
and influence others. The higher his score, the craftier, more delicate and
more influential he is. Wits, Dexterity and Manipulation have bearing when
your character tries to anticipate and react to his environment, and to coordinate
Resistance indicates how well your character copes with influences from
both without and within that might affect him adversely. The higher his score
the more staunch, sturdy or dignified he is. Resolve, Stamina and Composure.

Attribute Dots

Attributes are rated 1 to 5 for ordinary
people, and each score suggests the degree of
your character's raw capability in that area.

Dots Talent
Poor. Unexercised, unpracticed or inept.
•• Average. The result of occasional effort or application.
••• Good. Regular practice or effort, or naturally talented.
•••• Exceptional. Frequently applied, tested and honed, or naturally gifted.
••••• Outstanding. The peak of normal human capability. Continuously exercised or naturally blessed.



Physical might. Sheer bodily power. The capacity to lift objects, move items, hit things and people, and do damage. Strength is a measure of muscle. Your character could be 98-pound weakling, he could carry a spare tire, or he could be lean and cut or bulky and brawny. Your character's Strength score is used in hand-to-hand combat. This trait is instrumental to laborers, thugs, athletes, brawlers and law-enforcement agents.


Quickness. Response time. A delicate touch. Dexterity indicates how quickly and with how much finesse your character responds to his physical world. While high Wits dots helps your character spot trouble, high Dexterity dots
help him react to it, whether with a counteraction or to simply get the hell out of the way. Dexterity also helps with hand-eye coordination, be it to fire an accurate shot, to juggle objects or to perform delicate jobs such as handle explosives. Your character might be sluggish, clumsy, slight, quick or nimble. Dexterity is invaluable to criminals, sports stars, surgeons and dancers.


Sturdiness. Steadfastness. Sheer physical resilience. Stamina is a measure of how tough your character is. It indicates how far she can push her body, and how much physical abuse she can endure. Your character might be sickly and frail, or hardy and unstoppable. Bouncers, brawlers, triathletes, survivalists, heavy lifters and workaholics thrive on Stamina.
Stamina determines your character's Health dots (equal to Stamina +1).



The raw power of the mind. Cognitive capacity. The inherent capability to digest, comprehend and remember information and to learn more. Intelligence is a direct measure of how smart your character is. She may be dull-minded or have narrow-vision. She may be book-smart, or she may simply be able to grasp concepts, interpret situations and solve problems quickly. Intelligence is valued by planners, theorists, scholars, white-collar employees and leaders.


The ability to think on oneÕs feet, under pressure or duress, without letting them see you sweat. W its also encompasses an eye for detail, the ability to absorb what's going on in the environment, and to react to events. It
might mean recognizing that the temperature in a room slowly drops, that a landscape painting incorporates a disguised human face, or that a trap is about to be sprung. Wits involves the powers of perception and response. Your
character may be oblivious, dumbfounded, quick-eyed or wary. The trait is useful for entrepreneurs, charlatans, athletes, tacticians, lawyers and criminals.


The focus and determination to see your character's will done. The capacity to stay on target, ignore distractions and to resist coercion or browbeating. Resolve is your character's mental fortitude. His personal conviction. His clarity of vision or spirit. Your character may be easily distracted, unable to concentrate, resolute or single-minded. The trait is pivotal to resisting forms of mental control; it acts as a defense of the mind. Resolve
is valuable to leaders, motivators, soldiers, athletes, police and organizers.



Bearing. Stature. Assertiveness. Presence suggests the power of your character's very identity. Attractiveness is only part of the trait. Your character may be jaw-dropping gorgeous, plain-Jane or downright ugly, but her Presence means much more. It reflects her sheer command over the attention of others. It's her capacity to impose her will on others by being socially aggressive or powerful. This trait is essential to leaders, enforcers, interrogators, models, politicians and salespeople.


Charm. Persuasiveness. Charisma. The capacity to play upon the desires, hopes and needs of others to influence them. Manipulation reflects your character's finesse in social situations. How well he can appeal to, gain the favor of and generally coerce others. Manipulation is applied to win smiles, to put people at ease or to gain favors. Where Presence deals in social force, Manipulation focuses on social subtlety. ItÕs the tool and trade of business people, politicians, sales folk and publicists.


Poise. Dignity. The capacity to remain calm, appear, and actually be unfazed in social and threatening situations. Your character might lose his temper at the slightest perceived insult, collapse emotionally under a mere pretense, weather a storm of verbal (or literal) slings and arrows, or have the nerve to look unspeakable horror in the eye. This trait is a measure of emotional fortitude, restraint and calm. It's ideal among leaders, soldiers, moderators and anyone whose movements are public consumption. Composure is vital to resisting social influence and pressure - overt, covert or otherworldly.
Composure is pivotal to resisting emotional control; it acts as an emotional defense.
The trait is also vital to efforts to restrain oneself when the blood is raised and frenzy threatens.

(the above is taken from World of Darkness, copywrite 2004 White wolf Publishing since I can't see the point in reinventing the wheel)

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