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Player Characters

Alessandra Camilla Principe (Laura Shearman)
Ventrue, Carthian.
Dealer in Vice, Patron of the Arts, Inspiring Leader.

Dr Alys White (Raven Delahunty)
Malkavian Dragon
British Suffragette, scientist, psychologist, and writer of bad fiction pertaining to vampires for mortal social engineering to enforce and broaden the masquerade. Brings with her childer, Elena "Lena" White (Zoë Waterhouse), wherever she goes, and dotes on her endlessly.

Aristide Giovanni, detto Rino (Nicola Pastore)
Giovanni, Lancea Sanctum.

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Baldassarre "Oldie" Giovanni (Andrea Gatta)
Giovanni, Lancea Sanctum. Old crazy antiquities seller. Known for being an old powerful necromancer from Venice, fortress of Giovanni's clan.


Blackband Jhonny (Davide Orazi)
Giovanni, Invictus. Nightclub boxer and infamous criminal, known for being as nostalgic as he is violent. Rumored to be the Renaissance mercenary captain Giovanni delle Bande Nere.

Bernard "Bernie" Killwining (Michael Gould)

Betty Evans.jpg

Betty Evans (Lisa Presley)
Film actress from New York City.

Dr Dieter Wagner (Paul Stephenson)

Mekhet, Lancea Sanctum.
A German Archaeologist who has travelled from Marrakesh.

Mistress Dizz (Laura Wilkinson)

Nosferatu from the Mediterranean.
Purveyor of information and fish and menacing smiles.
Partner of Mister Skyler.

Dmitri Karamazov (Jonathan Strugnell)

Russian Ventrue.
At times withdrawn and thoughtful, at times exuberant, most often jovial and friendly, Dmitry does not entirely fit the common view of a Ventrue as cold and calculating. On the contrary he often seems to smoulder with passion, which sometimes breaks to the surface in a moment of fierce joy or anger.

Ivan Karamazov (Chris)

Aloysha Karamazov (Harry)

Veruka Mikhailov (Desany)

Russian City Gangrel.
A polite and quiet young girl.


Solenine (Cat)

Pearl "Pearlie" Usher (Rose Jansen) - A lady of means, who has only recently become a vampire

Ernst Meyer (Andrew James)
Swiss Nosferatu. Member of both the Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum. An architect and Master in the Guild of Masons.

Dr Evelyn Green (Darren Sanderson)

Franz Schwartzman (Ivan Nevill)
An educated Ventrue recently arrived from Vienna.

Gianluigi "The Coin" Giovanni (Alessio Bonti)

Guglielmo "Shakspeare" Giovanni (Alessandro Iero)

Dr Gunnar Lindström
Tremere archaeologist and researcher, known for his work in Latin and Southern America as well as some time at the British Musuem and in Egypt on various dig sites.

Ian McCarthy (Dylan Marshall)
Irish Malkavian
A dabble writer (stories and poetry) from Cork, he was turned in 1846 during the Irish Potato Famine which killed 90% of his family. This, coupled with his current undead state have lead him to turn from the Catholic faith to the old ways, and he has fallen into depression and melencholy.

Jack River (Patrick Marple)

Australian Carthian, from clan Tremere
Orphan. Worker. Unionist. Soldier. Rebel. Occultist. Linguist.
Young, idealistic and enthusiastic, Jack River is a bit of a generalist - a Jack-Of-All-Trades (pardon the pun) - his interests being magic, history, politics, languages, people, blood, sleuthing and kittens. Sired as he lay dying on Anzac Cove, and having lived under his enigmatic sire's wing for the past 3 years in Constantinople, Cairo and Alexandria, Jack is excited to meet new people and start afresh in Melbourne.
Compelled by the suffering he has seen and experienced in his (still short) life, Jack truely believes the world can be better place - with the right combination of magic and politics, anything is possible.

Lucille Blanc (Casey Snell)

Maximilian Aust (Bismuth Hoban)
German Gangrel
A private detective who was turned in the 1810s but went missing until 1862. Appeared in London that year with no knowledge of his Sire, and appears to have been feral for nearly 50 years. Grubby and unpleasant, but knows how to dig for information.

Genevieve Sabine Bellerose (Adrian Overbury)

French Malkavian Seer
A flighty, lost woman, sadly afflicted and affected by the constant babble of voices in her head. Often unable to discern reality from hallucination, she relies perhaps far too heavily on her sight to allow her to see the truth, or what she discerns as the truth, in the confusing cacophony of the world around her.

Meriel Killigrew

Gangel captain of the trading ship, The Seirenes.
Known to travel across Europe's seas, and to the four corners of the earth, in search of trade goods to fill the holds of her steam powered rum-runner.
Also known to provide transport to kindred.
Known to accept boons, resources, and influence for her services.

Mikael "Mikke" Salmi (Phil Brouwer)
Finnish Gangrel
Thuggish First Mate of The Seirenes and Childe of Captain Killigrew. Like his Sire, his skin is imbued with a icy chill to rival the North Sea.

Mikhail Petrov (Paul Wolovich)
Russian philosopher. Good-natured fellow, likes a good drink. Prefers rum (doused humans) though. Rumored to have
been involved in the instigation of the 1918 revolution.

Ragnvaldr Sorenson.jpg
Ragnvaldr 'Val' Sorenson (Darren Crosbie)

Ravnos, Swedish singer of songs, traveller and translator.

Rider Wildset (Lance Mansutti)
Toreador Poser, English Knight. Fought in the War of the Roses, was embraced by the court of Lancaster. Spent a long time absent, then travelled during the Great War. Came back to a wiped out court.

Rudolf von Habsburg (Tyson Collins)
Austrian Ventrue

Sebastian Kage (Dylan Stephens)

Mister Skyler (Richard Stern)

Nosferatu from the Mediterranean.
Purveyor of information and fish and menacing smiles
Partner of Mistress Dizz.

Pilot 1.jpeg
Ace Robin Wallace Kelly (Andrew Clarke)

Famed WW1 Fighter Pilot

Walter Berhtwulf (Adrian Melchiori)
City Gangrel of questionable origin
A tourist of sorts, with a keen interest in architecture.

Cpt. William Aldred (Retired) (Andrew Stewart)
Clan Tremere
Old moneyed; veteran of the Crimea, China and Africa campaigns; archivist and bibliophile.

The Kindred (Vampires and ghouls) of Melbourne

Captain Peter Hunter, Status 4 "Prince" of Melbourne

August - Harpy, Status 3Toreador, Patron of Better Arts Than Arabella, Self-made man of leisure, cabaret-owner, and thrower of parties

Sigrid, Status 3 Keeper of Elysium

William Buckley, Status 3 Scourge of Melbourne

Arabella Smith - Status 2 Feminist, Artist, Patron of the Arts, Toreador, Famous within the Melbourne Social Set for her Soire's

Lazarus Scamp, Status 2 Counselor Spiritual, Metropolitan of Melbourne

Regina Harris - Sheriff, Status 2 Slightly awkward woman who spends a lot of time in Parkville and the Western Suburbs

Rosie - Status 2 Counselor Mystical Half Caste from Sydney, known for her mystical knowledge of Australia and running gangs in the rougher parts of town. Claims to be Mehket

Terrance Walters - Status 2 Counselor Temporal, Former undertaker at the Melbourne Cemetery

Allan Lowell - Status 1 A commonly dressed Brujah, who professes Carthian ideals. Believed to have his own gang of pushers.

Finley - Status 1 A friendly Irish lass with auburn curls, a spring in her step and a face covered in bleeding bandages. Nosferatu.

Franky Gnaw - Status 1 A highly aggressive female Nosferatu, dresses in rags and a death mask.

Hamish McFadden - Status 1 Third son of a wealthy family embraced in the tradition of the Ventrue.

Ophelia Jones - Status 1 Cocaine Party Girl often seen hanging out in clubs trying to score blood of drugged patrons

Audrey Rani - Status 1 Botanist who mostly keeps to herself.

Claude - Status 0 (Ghoul) August's ghoul and court pianist. Skilled, well-behaved, pretty - the ideal ghoul.

Kine (Humans) of Melbourne

Billy Hughes Prime Minister of Australia
Arthur Stanly Governor of Victoria

Victorian Legislative Assembly

Complete List
Harry Lawson Premier of Victoria
John Bowser Minister for Public Health

William Lawrence Baillieu has a long history as a land financier, newspaper director, setting up mining operations, politician and former leader of the Legislative Council and former Minister for Works and Health

Sidney Myer (born Simcha Myer Baevski) and Elcon Myer Retailers and Russian Jews who emigrated to Australia in 1899 and 1897 respectively
Kwong Sue Duk Local Chinese Herbalist operating out of a shop in Flinders Lane
William (Bill) Ah Ket Barrister and Chinese Rights Advocate he also acted as Consul-General for China in Melbourne and co-founder of the Australian-Chinese Association
Dame Nellie Melba Australia's world renown Operatic performer. Spends time in London, Paris, New York, Melbourne and Sydney. Recently reduced her ticket costs resulting in massive crowds attending her every performance
Rupert Bunny Portrait painter who travels between Melbourne and Paris
Walter Burley Griffin Architect and Planner who has moved to Australia from America with his wife
Dudley Le Souf Director of the Melbourne Zoo, currently said to be in poor health. His father was one of the Zoo founders and his brother is director of Perth Zoo. Dudley has been responsible for many of the Zoos recent upgrades which help with viewing the animals in a more suitable environment.

Unknown (Other things and those of uncertain type) of Melbourne and Surrounds

Minya Possibly a spirit, found trapped in a basement and now released

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