Sangfroid Covenants

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All Covenant information is the same as it is in Requiem canon, except what has been covered in the following documents. If there is a contradiction between canon and our documents, our documents supersede the canon. Assume all histories are different.

Camarilla Information
Covenant Bonuses: Each Covenant gives access to a unique discipline as well as bonuses to influence actions

Covenant List



The Invictus (a.k.a the "First Estate") is strictly concerned with material gain and power within a city. They are heavily involved in city politics and business. The members of this covenant are the most common users of the blood bond for subordinates and as a form of punishment. New members are often attracted with the promise of rank and status; with service to elders and experience, any member could rise to prominence if they are qualified and active within the covenant. However, the majority of new members will never gain any recognition for their acts, and the Elder of the Inner Circle use neonates for their own gain. It is a very corrupted covenant, whose first thought is almost invariably "money and power."
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Carthian Movement


The Carthian Movement is revolutionary in the concept of a democracy, the "one Vampire, one Vote" ideal and are also the newest major covenant. But since their modus operandi is taking cues on political evolution from the mortals, members have also embraced other forms of government vampires find non-traditional. The vast majority of its members are neonates, newly Embraced and inexperienced vampires. It is the only covenant that votes its leaders. Members frequently argue over what is the best form of government. The Carthian Movement is an almost completely secular and non-religious covenant.
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Lancea Sanctum


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Ordo Dracul


Requires the merit Unusual Covenant
The Ordo Dracul (a.k.a. "Order of the Dragon" or just "Dragons") is focused on understanding the vampiric condition and improving upon it, transcending the limitations of their condition. They practice a Blood Magic known as the Coils of the Dragon. They believe their line was started by Dracula.
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The Circle of the Crone


Requires the merit Unusual Covenant
The Circle of the Crone is considered the Kindred equivalent of a Neo-Pagan cult.
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Requires the merit Unusual Covenant
The Honored Dead
The Einherjar are a vampiric Covenant based around the worship of the entity Woden, and believe that they are tasked with preparing for the great battle to come: Ragnarok. Due to this focus, outsiders often see the Covenant as nothing more than a warrior cult.
The convenant's culture and beliefs are based around Old Norse traditions, and they place great emphasis on duty, glory and service.
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The Autarkis are individuals who have made a stance of being outside of the Camarilla political structure, and they suffer a degree of ostracism for it. They share no political ideology with each other.