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By "frequently" we of course mean "at least once"
Questions can be sent to the ST email, asked on the Facebook group, or sent to the STs via Facebook Messenger.
If you are posting questions on the Facebook group and have multiple you wish to ask, please combine them into a single post.

Will merits be purchasable during play?
Yes, but they will need to be a good reason for it. Justification for merits will likely be held to a higher standard than other purchases, and some won't be available after character creation. Merits cost 5x the merit's level in XP.

How many vampires are in Melbourne?
There are about 60 known vampires.

What does "bonus trait" mean for weapons?
Weapons grant a bonus to the wielder's attack roll equal to their bonus trait.

How do vampire appearance changes work in this setting? Specific example: cutting of hair. Does it grow back? Does it reset back to how it was while sleeping? Is it gone forever?
Vampires (other than one specific clan) become pale like a bloodless corpse upon the Embrace. As they age they become even paler and more corpselike. Each evening the vampire's hair and skin (for cosmetic purposes like piercings, brandings and tattoos) return to what they were at the Embrace with ink or minor objects being expelled. Permanent changes can be performed by an act of extreme will (spending a permanent willpower). Temporary alterations, sometimes of extended duration, may also be achieved with various powers.
Damage is the exception - it requires blood to heal, and will linger if not healed.

so, lore and occult and specialt-
high pitched shrieking. Each ST shrieks a different note. The discordant cacophony drives players to madness