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This is where information about Melbourne's suburbs and key locations will be placed.

Many of the inner suburbs of Melbourne are predominantly slums. They are often dangerous places with gangs, violence and corruption. The suburbs that we associate with wealth today, such as Brighton and Toorak, are typically the wealthy ones of the time. Suburbs south of the river are prone to flooding, as proper drainage hadn't been constructed yet.

Before adding a location, wait for ST confirmation that you have the place, or have been to a place and actually know what's going on there.
Players can also note if they frequent an area and aren't secretive about it.


The State Library

Is also currently where the Museum and Art Gallery collections for the state of Victoria are exhibited for the benefit of the general public
A building with open gallery spaces and labyrinthine tunnels leading to storage rooms which hold a range of interesting items from all over the world.

Used as Elysium.

Located on Swanston Street

Flinders Street Station

One of the busiest train stations in the world
The large green copper domes are a key landmark in the city of Melbounre




Slums, irish, crime and workers cottages

Melbourne Cemetery

The new location of the Cemetery, having recently been moved from the city to make way for the Victoria Market

Princes Hill

Princes Park

Large parkland adjacent to Royal parade
Home of Carlton Football club


On the boarder of the city, Essendon is a mix of upper middle class residences, farming and horse racing
along the Maribyrnong river is a lot of industry including tanning

Maribyrnong River

Widely known as Salt Water River, there is a lot of river traffic bringing goods and materials up to the industrial areas.

Essendon Airfield

Essendon Airfield is a new feature in the norther suburb. The large field has been converted into a landing strip
established to improve Australia's war effort

Windy Hill

Essendon Football Club recently acquired home ground, Essendon football club are known as the Bombers.
The clubs colours are a red sash on a black background

Anglican Lowther Hall Girls School

Established in 1920 it is one of the earliest girls only school in the Western suburbs


Unions, slums and crime dominate the area of Fitzroy.
The suburb has tannery's and other industries


One of the upper class suburbs, with many fine examples of Victorian Architecture
Settled in the 1830s

Glenferrie Oval

Home ground of the Hawthorn Australian rules football team, the Hawthorn Hawks.
The team colours are brown and gold stripes

Scotch College

One of the premier schools of Melbourne, established in 1851
Scotch College have a proud tradition of academics and sport



A leafy green suburb along the eastern bank of the yarra
Kew has one of the fastest growing populations in Melbourne

Kew Junction

A commercial precinct that started to be established in the 1850s

Kew Asylum

A facility for the caring of the mentally infirm


Built in the 1870's this is an Italiannate Mansion and is currently the home of Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Daniel Mannix
Raheen is irish for 'little fort'


John Gardner settled in the area nearby a small creek in 1835

Malvern Star Factory

Bike manufactures established in 1902 by Tom Finnigan, now run by the three Small brothers
Malvern Star sponsor the young rider Hubert Opperman
Riding is an activity already popular in Europe and will hopefully catch on in Australia

Stonnington Mansion

A large stately home built in 1890


East Melbourne

Wealthy district with many large mansions

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Cricket and Australian Rules football are passionately followed



A small green leafy northern area with wealthy residence.

Melbourne University

Established in 1853 and the second oldest University in Australia. The University has a number of residential colleges associated

The major place of learning and education in the State, there are many odd people and places across the campus

Located between Swanston Street and Royal Parade in Parkville

Royal Park

Open space parklands and a small section for grazing cattle


Port Melbourne


The majority of Richmond is filled by workers cottages and factories. There are sly-grog traders and communists and union agitators

Richmond Hill

Area near Bridge Road where the more wealthy people live

Perservene Soap Factory

One of the top selling soap brands in Melbourne
Typical of many of the factories in the area there are many horrible smells emanating from the building