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The Argus was a morning daily newspaper in Melbourne, Australia that was established in 1846. It was one of the (if not the) major newspapers of Melbourne, with its main competitor being The Age.

Argus 1919

January 21st

Highlights: The flu epidemic is raging overseas, but has been kept out of Australia by strict quarantine | A lot of the country areas around Melbourne are on fire, and the fires can be seen from parts of the city | The war is over and solders are returning home en masse. Melbourne is crime-ridden and parts of the city are flooded or slums | Essay on the national war memorial | The 1919 Paris Peace Conference begins | Class struggle the world over. Smash the state! Eat the Rich!

January 29th

Melbourne has been declared infected! The version uploaded here has a fixed version of the crossword as the printed version had an error.

February 5th

The deaths per day continue to grow!

Argus 1923

May 1st

May Day and Mayhem