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The system used in Vampire:Sangfroid is a modified version of the table top World of Darkness and New World of Darkness systems
Players will determine a number between one and ten which will then be added to the appropriate Ability Score and Skill with item and conditiona modifiers included)
Stat + Skill + item/condition + (1 to 10)
This total is then compared against a target number ("TN") and if it is equal or greater to the TN the character suceeds at their action.
Not all actions will require a roll and some actions will automatically succeed or fail. For player vs. environment actions the TN will correspond approximately to the following table:

TN Difficulty
10 Easy
12 Average
14 Challenging
16 Very difficult
18 Near Impossible

Determining random element
Against Characters the TN for the acting character will be equal to the defending character's Stat + Skill +item/condition total +6.
Acting characters may spend a willpower to automatically succeed a roll. Defending characters may spend a willpower to cancel this, forcing a roll.







Merits and Flaws

Blood Potency

Status and Prestation

Derived Statistics

Character Creation

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